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The Five Essential Keys to Small Business Success

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These 5 Keys to Success aren’t taught in business school. They aren’t published in Fast Company, Forbes, or Entrepreneur Magazine. They aren’t mentioned by 99.9% of small business experts. But, if you are aware of them, they can be your #1 biggest advantage in achieving success in your small business.

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  • Creating a Culture of Optimization

    June 27, 2017 | Written by:

    One of the first projects of my career was a website redesign for the non-profit I work at. It had been several years since anyone had made any notable updates to the previous website, barring content swaps and changes. Design and functionality were essentially the same as they were 4-5 years prior when they had… Continue Reading…

  • How Your Business Can Bring Justice to the World

    June 22, 2017 | Written by:

    As believers, we all have kingdom assignments. Some of us have more obvious kingdom assignments- vocations like pastors, bible teachers, and worship leaders. Some of us have assignments that are equally vital to the church that are outside of the vocation of a minister. No matter what career we have, we’re called to bring justice… Continue Reading…

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for 30 Day Business Challenges

    June 20, 2017 | Written by:

    Admit it.  Easier is better for us.  Like the little girl in the Verizon commercial, “more” is better.  Some is good.  More is better. For business owners, easy is better. That is why we are attracted to the ultimate cheat sheet headlines or the secret ______ to making all things better.  Small business owners know about… Continue Reading…

  • pray for your business

    Why Should You Pray For Your Business?

    June 16, 2017 | Written by:

    What comes to mind when you consider the question “why should you pray for your business?” I pray a lot. I pray for myself, for family, for friends, for clients, for my community and of course for my business. When I set out to pray, often I start a mental list of things to pray… Continue Reading…

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