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The Five Essential Keys to Small Business Success

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These 5 Keys to Success aren’t taught in business school. They aren’t published in Fast Company, Forbes, or Entrepreneur Magazine. They aren’t mentioned by 99.9% of small business experts. But, if you are aware of them, they can be your #1 biggest advantage in achieving success in your small business.

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    4 Reasons Your Business Needs Female Leadership

    July 20, 2017 | Written by:

    Several weeks ago, my husband and I had an entire week together with no kids while our little ones spent a week in Tennessee with grandparents. What was the first thing I wanted to do with our week of freedom? Go see a movie (yea, we’re those wild and crazy party people). We heard that… Continue Reading…

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    Think Beyond Dollars and Cents: a Better Way to Measure Success

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    I often see tears in my clients’ eyes. Yes, business clients. Usually they come in the middle of a story. The stories vary by business owner. Things like: Joe was in prison for 8 years. We were able to help him with some equipment to start his own business. We were able to help our… Continue Reading…

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    Wine, Cheese and Small Business Leadership

    July 13, 2017 | Written by:

    Coaching business people every day really highlights challenges we share across industries, geographies, personalities…  common challenges we share as working people.   I guess I should not be surprised but yet I am at how some issues seem universal. This week’s universal challenge is keeping energized about our business.  The buzz phrase is “improving engagement” but… Continue Reading…

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    How to Lead Your Business with Patience

    July 7, 2017 | Written by:

    “My patience is running thin.” “My patience is up to here.” “Do not test my patience right now.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard these phrases said in the setting of a grocery store, restaurant, church, etc. They are usually accompanied by a parent wearing a frustrated facial expression and a… Continue Reading…

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