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The Five Essential Keys to Small Business Success

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These 5 Keys to Success aren’t taught in business school. They aren’t published in Fast Company, Forbes, or Entrepreneur Magazine. They aren’t mentioned by 99.9% of small business experts. But, if you are aware of them, they can be your #1 biggest advantage in achieving success in your small business.

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    Your Template for An Effective Planning Retreat

    September 21, 2017 | Written by:

    When asked about doing an annual planning retreat with their team, one client responded, “No way, I am not doing that again. I would throw out a topic and eight pair of eyes would stare back at me. ‘Whatever you think’ was the most I got.” Another client said his was like a giant all-day complaint… Continue Reading…

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    Everything You Need to Know About Annual Planning: Learn How to Succeed in 2018!

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    I pull up to our office and squeeze into the one empty spot on the far right of our building.  Hmmm… busy this morning.  I grab my stuff from the back and head in.  I smile at several people waiting as I pass through.  Ten years ago I would never have guessed this scene.  I… Continue Reading…

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    Does Your Business Vision Inspire Loud Music?

    September 7, 2017 | Written by:

    Is it any wonder so many business leaders struggle with their company vision? As I was researching and reading from the vastness of available business authors, periodicals and online sources, it became clear that developing your company vision can be a daunting undertaking. Most writers start with a stern criticism of the collective understanding of… Continue Reading…

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    How to Find Rest for the Weary

    August 31, 2017 | Written by:

    It has been almost 3 months since I got married and I am quickly learning a lot about myself, my husband, and God. One of the many things that I am finding to be difficult for me is to rest. Between being involved in our church, spending time with both of our families and friends,… Continue Reading…

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