5 Ways to Pray For Your Clients

Aug 7, 2014, Written by Sue Miley

Do you pray?  Prayer has a unique power. Prayer evokes a plethora of emotions ranging from desperation, dependency, relief, comfort and hope. If we take Scripture seriously, we will “pray without ceasing” which leads our prayer life into conversations, contemplation and even preparation.

So one way to take back your business, to stop letting it be the boss of you, is to surrender all of the control to God in prayer. God wants our dependency on Him and He cares about everything. In doing so, we recognize that we are not ultimately in control; He is! That takes the weight off of our shoulders and allows us to change our mindsets when it comes to our business.

One area of prayer that has been foundational for me as a Christian in business is praying for my clients/customers. Interceding on their behalf is so helpful to me and knowing God’s faithfulness impacts others.

5 Ways to Pray For Your Clients

1. Ask your client how you can be praying for them.

Don’t just ask though…actually pray!  God knows if you pray or not, but your client doesn’t, and sometimes they don’t believe people who say they are going to pray for them.  It isn’t up to us to convince them.  We just have to be obedient and pray.  I believe that with consistent, intercessory prayer from others we feel God working in our life.

2. Pray for God to work through you.

As a business owner, we want to meet our client’s needs.  After all, it is our business and we are the one providing the service or product.  It is I who must meet my client’s needs.  Ha!  That assumes we are in control and I learned a long time ago that control is an illusion.  God is the only one in control.  I pray regularly that I will get out of the way and that God will use me as a vessel that He can help others.  This really helps me to not over compensate and over-complicate matters and create even more work for myself.

3. Pray regularly for your customer’s health, relationships and business.

We may not know everything going on in our clients’ lives and they may not feel comfortable sharing with us.  We don’t need to know because God knows.  We can pray for His hand of protection, healing and growth.  He knows the specific areas our client needs help.

4. Pray with your client.

I am a Christian coach and counselor so it is expected that I will pray with my clients.  I know everyone does not have a Christian branded business.  And it may not be the appropriate time or situation to actively pray with your client.  However, I believe we all have moments and I know that personally nothing makes me feel more cared about and comforted than someone praying for me.  Pray first that God will give you the opportunity or create the situation for you to be able to pray with a customer or client.

5. Get your whole team to pray with you for your clients.

Again, your team may not be full of Christians or full of pray-ers.  But you may be surprised.  I worked for years with many faithful Christians but I was blind to it because I wasn’t a Christian.  Looking back, I see the signs and the subtle ways they shared their faith.  If you do have some on your team that will join you in prayer, there is nothing more powerful than a team all coming together to pray on your client’s behalf.

It may or may not be obvious, but I pray for both Christian and non-Christian clients.  What could be more powerful in a non-believer’s life than having a host of faithful servants praying on their behalf to the One and only God of the Universe!

The Pressure Is Off

The pressure is off of you now. Whenever I pray for my clients it serves as a reminder that it was never about me saving the day or meeting all of the needs.  It is all about God.  What a comfort to a busy business owner trying to get everything done.  Even without us, God can meet our clients’ needs!

I would love to hear other ways you are praying for your clients!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.



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  1. Nick says

    Great article Sue! As a Christian sometimes I really need to be reminded to be prayerful for more than just the success of my business. Thanks for sharing!

  2. caqtherine Thompson says

    This is for me a a wake-up call. I must admit I have been “carrying the responsibility to make it all work and have been busy for the Father” . Well untill now… No wonder I have actually felt a heavier and heavier load.. .
    effective immediately it is going to be a conscious Change using These tips..its a turn-around time now. tx again

  3. Rhoadie says

    This is a great idea. I recently started praying for my customers, calling each of their names individually before God. I keep a spreadsheet of customers for consumer research purposes but I have been using it to pray for my customers. And sometimes God will even reveal certain areas of their lives that I need to hone in on such as health, marriage, children, finances etc. I really enjoy doing this.

  4. Lori says

    Thank you for this great article..perfect timing and a wake up call to pray more for my clients and for God’s will to be done in their lives.
    God bless you,

  5. Anne Schweikert says

    I can’t thank you enough for this article! It is so validating. It is GOD’s business, not mine – and He has proven that over and over. Your article made me cry (in a good way) and is a good reminder to trust Him, not me! God bless you!

  6. Sue Miley says

    Anne, Remembering it is all God’s is what has gotten be through! When I am worried that I may not be all that a client needs, I remember He is! Blessings to you!

  7. jenni says

    Great article Sue:) Praying for our clients is one way of showing them that we care not only for doing business with them but the they bestow to us.

    Keep inspiring others Sue.

    God bless us all:)

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