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How To Lead A Confident, Bold, And Strong Re-opening

By Sue Miley / May 5, 2020 / 0 Comments

By the time we lift the stay-at-home order here in Louisiana it will be at least two months of basic physical business shutdown.  Even if you were able to work at home, in most cases, business is still impacted.  Whether it is projects pushed back or lower sales as conservative customers modify their spending.  And, […]

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How To Manage Cashflow With Business Shut Down

By Sue Miley / April 27, 2020 / 1 Comment

Every business owner knows how important cash and cash flow are in business.  At least in theory.  With the statistics of small businesses that close after a year, and the small % that are still in business after 5 and 10 years, the intricacies of how it works and what produces free cash flow, may […]

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Learning from Experience

By Sue Miley / April 14, 2020 / 1 Comment

I want to share first where my learning comes from.   I remember driving to my commute job in New Orleans when we heard the news of the 9-11 terrorist plane crashes.  By the time we got to the restaurant I was managing, we had visual of the second plane crash. Everything seemed to freeze in […]

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We Are Still Providing Coaching and Counseling Services

By Sue Miley / March 23, 2020 / 0 Comments

As you are receiving this, the Louisiana state governor has issued stay-at-home orders for all citizens and businesses that are non-essential beginning Monday at 5 pm through April 12th. That is a minimum of 3 weeks. This is not only financially devastating to many businesses; it is mentally and emotionally taxing to business owners even […]

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Coronavirus Business Focus: Accounts Receivable

By Sue Miley / March 16, 2020 / 0 Comments

During such a volatile market place and with people staying home and not utilizing your business services or products as normal, we need to do what we can to keep our own business healthy. One area to focus is your accounts receivable. Accounts receivable health translates to cash flow and liquidity. As our customers become […]

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How to Avoid Business Issues That Can Cripple Your Business

By Sue Miley / February 21, 2020 / 0 Comments

Most small business owners don’t have a financial background.  Yet finances are critical to every small business. If for no other reason that we need to create profits to personally earn a living.  That is the simplest most urgent need. However, financial information can also be core data that should drive decision-making and highlight pitfalls […]

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How To Reduce That “Out of Control” Feeling In Your Business

By Sue Miley / January 28, 2020 / 0 Comments

I hate roller coasters.  The feeling of being out of control has been unpleasant to me since I was a kid.  You feel disoriented. You don’t know which direction you are shifting next. You feel your stomach come up to your throat as your body plummets down the next descent.  And, on top of it […]

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How to Find Peace and Purpose in the New Decade

By Sue Miley / January 2, 2020 / 0 Comments

The older I get the faster time passes.  When I had kids, life started moving at the speed of their growth.  A physical manifestation of my life passing. Now they are grown.   Will things slow down?  It’s enough to get you in a funk, or at least a mini-panic when a week flies by, a […]

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