The Balancing Act

Dec 12, 2019, Written by Shannon Farris

Have you ever been to the circus? If not, have you seen the performers who ride on unicycles while balancing multiple plates. It’s quite an impressive and amazing sight. Although I cannot relate to having the same skill as that performer, it’s about this time of year when I feel as if I am that performer trying to balance all the spinning plates, hoping and praying one doesn’t fall to the ground and crash. It’s a balancing act. If we start to lean too much toward one side, the other starts to give way.

Spinning Plates

I always feel like the end of the year is a balancing act. The new year (or decade in this case) is just around the corner. New goals, objectives and resolutions that you are itching to get started on. You long for that fresh start and the feeling of new excites you. But, the year is not over yet and you have to be present. 

“Finish the year strong.”
“Don’t let off the gas pedal.”
“Keep your head down and keep going.”

These may be some of the things you say to motivate yourself to keep going strong.

But don’t forget to add one more thing in the mix. The holidays! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a time for rest. Among all the holiday parties, Christmas shopping, cooking, family entertaining, it’s seems to be more plates you have to balance.

If you are like me, at this point, all the plates are spinning so fast that its making you dizzy!

This is where we learn the importance of balance. What do we prioritize and what can wait? Are we prioritizing the wrong thing?

Finding The Balance

Steven Covey talks about the important of prioritizing and time management in his book, “The 7 Highly Habits of Effective People,” when he describes the time management matrix. With the time managements matrix, your activities/lists can fall into one of the four categories:

  • Urgent/ Important
  • Urgent/ Non-Important
  • Non Urgent/Important
  • Non-Urgent/ Non-Important

So, for example, your project at work that has a deadline for next week is more urgent and important than you working on your 2020 goals, which is important, but not necessarily urgent. 


The aunt that keeps calling you during the work day to see what you are bringing to Christmas dinner so she can finalize the menu is urgent, but it’s not important. (At least not to you.)

The more (and better) we prioritize, either by using this tool or however else you like to manage time and to dos, the easier we are able to keep all the plates spinning, and even taking a few down as we accomplish our goals. When things start to feel hectic, not only in your business, but also in your personal life, take time to re-center and find your balance. Prioritize what is important and let what can wait, wait. Most importantly, at the center of it all, where we find our peace and balance is in Christ. After all, He is what brings us joy and peace in the midst of hectic seasons and spinning plates.

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Shannon Farris

Shannon graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies in December of 2015. She began working full time at Crossroads in October of 2016. She is excited to be a part of a team who builds their foundation on Christ and desires that to be seen first in everything they do.

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