Be The Energy You Want to Receive In The World

Jan 29, 2013, Written by Sue Miley

There is some kind of physics analogy that would be appropriate for what I am about to describe, but thankfully, when I was in high school, physics wasn’t required.  I did take chemistry, but have completely forgotten the scraps I learned.

But energy, outside of the physics and chemistry of it, is our life source.

And, as you probably know, because you probably took both physics and chemistry, there is positive energy and negative energy.

But outside of science, in our hearts, in the here and now, negative energy has a way of zapping all of the benefits of positive energy.  We see it in situations that we describe as “sucking the life out of me”.

We Look To Key People In our Life for This Energy Source

And like a sojourner through the deserts of life, we seek a sip, a cup, and preferably an oasis of positive energy.

The president of the company I used to work for would have such an energetic reflection in his voice when he would see me in the hall, or as I entered his office, I always felt my presence made a difference to him.

My daughter was telling her cousin that she always uses exclamation points and smiley faces in her texts, because texts in general always sound mean.  (She is 19)

We need positive energy to ignite our passions, bring meaning to life, and help us get done the things that need getting done.

How can you be the energy you want to receive?

  • leave a handwritten note to someone showing appreciation for something very specific about them
  • greet people every day with the enthusiasm you would if you had been gone on a long trip for months and missed them terribly
  • start meetings with a story or anecdote that gets everyone in a relaxed, playful mood or inspires them that the purpose of the meeting has an impact on a bigger cause or mission
  • thank people,,, as often as possible
  • laugh a lot
  • hug when appropriate
  • appreciate always
  • focus on the positive
  • be in the moment and present; give the person you are with your undivided attention
  • let your passion travel to the twinkle in your eyes
  • re-energize yourself by listing all of the things you are grateful for each day
  • share your energy by encouraging, loving, and yes, even challenging others

Characteristics of Personal Energy

Personal energy and enthusiasm are contagious…soon you will find the people around you focusing on being positive and sharing their energy.

Personal energy is reciprocal……usually we get back exactly what we dish out!

Personal energy becomes a habit….you will find you become the energy you want in the world.

Personal energy brings hope.

This type of energy is self-replenishing.  You will never run out.  Where does it come from?

The basic equation of this life enriching energy source is :

Life Enriching Energy = Love + Faith + Eternity

Life Enriching Energy = God

Share it generously!

Reader Interactions


  1. JB Wood says

    Amen! It is especially important to give each person we interact with the focus and attention they deserve… rather than zoning out on what else we need to get done!

    Thanks for the positive reminder!

    • S_Miley says

      Yes JB, I have to remind myself too. But it is much easier to stay present with those who are sharing personal energy. And, I even find that if I am present and trying to give energy, chances are I will receive some back in return!

  2. Rick Howe says

    Empathy in your spirit, not simply in your words, provides a bond unseverable.

    Newness of attitude and life perspective, daily as needed, reflects a living, vibrant hope.

    Enlightenment of heart and soul leads to a lighter load for others.

    Revitalization begins by seeking the One who offers life, not from people.

    Grace received but not shared may be counterfeit grace.

    Youthfulness of spirit protects our health and maintains youthfulness in general.

    See the first letter in each line, just in case you missed it.

    I hope you’ll join us in the Blogging 101 group on LinkedIn.

    • S_Miley says

      Hi Rick, I love the holy thing, but personally I relate to the “Grace received but not shared may be counterfeit grace.” Becoming a Christian later in life I was so thankful for God’s grace that I looked upon other’s so differently. I think it was a beginning of giving authentic grace on my part. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Ed Perez says

    What a great piece to start the day with. Great comments as well. Already sent it out to a few others. Awesome piece Thank You !!

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