Blogger or Editor – The Typos Tell the Story

Mar 31, 2010, Written by Sue Miley

I love this.  I am thankful for this.  It was a refreshing relief to read this excerpt below on Penelope Trunk’s blog.

Post: Don’t waste your time worrying about typos on your blog. Just post.

Will everyone please shut up about the typos on blogs? Show me someone who is blogging every day and also complains about someone’s typos. Just try. See? You can’t. Because anyone who is trying to come up with fresh ideas, and convey them in an intelligent, organized way, on a daily basis, has way too many things on their plate to complain about other peoples’ typos. (…more)

You can go read her post.  It makes me happy that she thinks that typos aren’t that big of a deal because she has a really, really popular blog.  But, just so I can add something to this post, I want to relate it back to a point Seth Godin makes in his book Linchpin.  He basically says that all of the good ideas we have, art we create, and work we produce won’t matter if we never SHIP.  If it never gets out of the door, no one will realize the potential benefits of your contribution.  So, I don’t want to have typos, but I have decided that a worse evil will be if I never SHIP.

Oh, one last thing.  Have you ever asked someone if they like to blog and had them answer, “No, but I am a great editor.  I can read your blog and fix all of the mistakes.”  I have several times.  I decided I should be humble and take them up on the offer.  For some reason the non-blogger who is great at grammar apparently doesn’t actually read blogs either.  Waiting on a good intentioned editor would result in maybe a blog post per year —-the antithesis of the SHIP concept!  Seth Godin’s point is made!

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