5 Ways to Increase Your Energy

Jun 30, 2020, Written by Mollie Thompson

boost your energy

Whether you’ve started going back to work in your office, or you’re continuing to work from home, there are going to be points in your day that you need an energy boost. The need to take a mid-day snooze can take over the urge to finish a simple task. So how do you get your energy levels up? Here are some simple tips you can work into your daily routine.

1) Stick to a set sleep schedule. If you’re going back to work in your office, then you’ll be waking up at your pre-pandemic time. Try to adjust the time you go to bed so you get the full eight hours of sleep needed to fully function the next day. If you’re still working from home, try to keep the times you go to sleep and wake up the same everyday, as well. Sticking to a sleeping schedule helps your body to know when it’s time to start and end the day. This tip might seem simple, but can take some time to start and fully get into.

2) Eat for energy. During times like these, it’s very easy to fall into comfort eating. I am personally guilty of this and know how hard it is to break the eating cycle, however, don’t beat yourself up for what you’re eating. Eating a sugary breakfast could mean a big crash later on in the day. Set yourself up for success and eat a protein packed breakfast. It can help to plan your meals, too. You don’t have to completely meal prep, but giving thought to what you’re going to put into your body can help you think of natural energy boosting foods to incorporate into your diet.

3) For every one-cup of coffee, drink two glasses of water. This tip is something we have all heard before, but is the hardest to practice. Hydration can play a huge part in your daily energy. In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day. My rule is for every one cup of coffee I drink, I try to drink two glasses of water afterwards. Use coffee to your advantage. Don’t just chug six cups in a row and expect to be perfectly energized. Caffeine can help, but caffeinating and hydrating need to be balanced.   

4) Sunlight, sunlight, SUNLIGHT. Try to get a dose of sunlight in whatever way you can. More sunlight means more vitamin D and that will help increase your natural energy levels. Vitamin D is also a great way to keep your immune system functioning properly. If you’re working from home, take a break outside or move your makeshift office by a window. If you’re back in your office, then take a walk outside of your building instead of sitting in the break room.

5) Be mindful of screen time. It’s hard to moderate your screen time when everything is online now. Try to stay off your phone, computer or tablet whenever you take breaks throughout the day. Take time to decompress without screens when you finish your workday. Make sure to put your screens away before bed, as well. Spending too much time scrolling before bed can affect your sleep, which would totally defeat the purpose of implementing the first tip.

While these tips seem simple and extremely doable, it’s important to remember to include them in your daily routine and not just one day of the month. Even if you get off track, or struggle at first, always remember to be kind to yourself.  

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