What To Do When You Can’t Keep Going

Sep 11, 2019, Written by Rachel Isbill

What makes you passionate?

That’s how we got here, right? As business leaders we got to where we are by our drive to participate in the things we are passionate about. That fire in our souls. To make an impact, see something change, make things better, or whatever it may be.

How’s that going for you?

You’re not fresh anymore, and things haven’t gone as you thought. Maybe you’re a little worn down. This work is a lot – and it’s overwhelming and hard in ways you didn’t know to anticipate.

You care about the thing that got you started, but it’s not that life-giving fire it used to be. In fact, maybe it’s a little bit of the opposite. Does it feel like it is kind of draining the life out of you instead?

A New Definition of Passion

“The proof of passion is in perseverance.”

– Steven Furtick

I want to challenge your idea of passion. When we describe someone as passionate, we think of energetic and excited leaders who live and breathe for their cause. There are certainly personalities that function there daily, but for many of us that height of false passion is unsustainable.

What if passion is something different?

What if passion is actually a steadfast dedication to moving toward progress? A not giving up whether the energy is there or not. A commitment to stay the course. A willingness to do the work regardless of how glamorous it may or may not be.

Maybe our passion is not defined by what we thought. Our passion is defined by our perseverance.

So, are you really passionate?

If you’re still in the game, then I’d argue maybe so. Your passion may not feel like it used to, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Are you still here?
Are you committed?
Are you willing?

Your tenacity is your greatest strength.

Some of you may be thinking, “Rachel, I’m here now. But I really don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.” I hear you, friend. Let’s explore that.

What to do when you fear you can’t keep going.

There are ways we have to manage ourselves and our worlds to be able to sustain our role. If your endurance is waning, you may need to make adjustments. Don’t feel guilty for your exhaustion. Passion comparison is dangerous and can offer a false representation of what living into your role should be. Instead, let’s explore how we can find restoration for passion.

Take a Break

Sometimes all that’s needed is a step back. Take a break – go on vacation, take one Friday off a month, or just start your day a little later tomorrow. Get the space you need to reset.

Employ Wholistic Self Care

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being are ALL connected. If one area is suffering, the others will feel the effects. In order to successfully live out your passion, you need to care for your whole self. Where are you lacking? Schedule a counseling appointment, sign-up for a healthy meal service, take a fun work-out class, ask for prayer- whatever you need, it’s time to make it a priority.

Create New Rhythms

Brainstorm ways to avoid landing yourself in this near-burnout in the future. What rhythms do you need put in place to work at your best? Set rhythms for your week, month, year that help you move toward health. Without these boundaries, you’re not helping yourself or others.

Consider Your Calling

Another aspect of passion to consider is your calling. Has God instilled this call for you? Ask Him. Seek His voice to discern if this is how He is calling you to spend your time. Sometimes His call is simply “glorify me.” If so, are you able to do that in your current role? If He has called you, He will not leave you alone. Ask Him to restore your soul in ways you cannot do for yourself. Be equipped by the Spirit to fulfill what He has called you to.

Ask for Help

None of us is meant to carry our burden alone. We need a team, community, mentors and support to do what we do. If the load has become too much to handle, ask for help. If you’re not sure where to go, call us. Crossroads walks with business leaders as they struggle, grow and succeed every day. We’d love to walk with you too.

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  1. Catherine Thompson says

    This is timely.

    I have spent the last couple of weeks asking myself how i ever thought my passion Was my passion..

    Thank you for the redefined definition.. oh yes and tips on adjusting my rhythms.
    The thoughts of readjusting crossed my mind but then i thought it was a cop out..

    Thank God we can really honestly talk to him again and again and yet again about everything… Easy to forget this too.

    God bless your ministry and Team Crossroads.

    Best regards.


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