Case Study: Evans Strong | Leading Strong in Good Times and Bad

Feb 5, 2015, Written by Sue Miley

EvansStrongI remember the day that I first met Bryan Evans, President of Evans Equipment and Environmental.  His father was ready to step back and let Bryan take over the leadership reigns of the company.  Taylor set the handoff with the statement, “I want to see the company go to the next level.”

Many business owners retire and want to pull the resources from the company.  They have done their job.

Taylor wanted to seed what could be.  He saw the talent and potential in the company and wanted to see it not only continue, but take off.

EVANS-BRYAN-EvansWalks in Bryan, ready to propel the company forward.

In working with Bryan over the past three years, I have seen him:

  • recruit and build a solid leadership team that is ready to go to the next level with him.
  • invest back in foundational areas of the business to solidify the company for growth.
  • improve margins and enhance category sales
  • grow the company in new markets
  • and overall increase revenues and profits each year.

As a true leader, Bryan didn’t get caught up in all of the momentum.  Even when things are going so well, he:

  • consistently evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • looks at what they have done right, and not so right, during the past year(s)
  • and evaluates the market place threats and opportunities coming toward them in the future

Every year, Bryan and his leadership team start in September planning for the new year.  In 2014, the theme was Bigger, Better, Bolder.

In 2014, they made great strides:

  •       Bigger = they expanded their reach and their territory
  •       Better = they upgraded their look, brand, and operations to attract larger clients and bigger jobs.
  •       Bolder = they stepped up their game. They made bolder promises and they delivered on them….and created a record year!

Now, in 2015, the focus is on making this new bigger, bolder version of Evans STRONGER.  Making it stick. Making it the new normal.

So, the theme for 2015 is:

Evans Strong

Under Bryan’s leadership, the team determined in the planning meetings that started at the end of 3Q 2014 that they needed to reinforce their ranks and secure their territory.

Within two months of planning, the nation saw oil and and gas prices plunge and gasoline at the consumer level go below $2.00 per gallon.  This will have a ripple effect on the drilling industry and all of the businesses that support it.

This will likely have an impact on Evans Equipment in the coming year.

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A great leader inspires the team to make the good times great and the bad times not quite as bad.

Bryan has rallied his team to really bring in the reinforcements and keep EVANS STRONG during 2015.

  • They re-assessed their plans for 2015.
  • They put in contingency plans to take advantage of opportunities not effected by the oil and gas industry.
  • They have prudently managed the business with stewardship that positions them to weather the storm.
  • They have rallied the troops with a big 2015 kickoff meeting sharing openly and honestly the obstacles ahead and instilling in the team the confidence Bryan has in them to secure their territory and to make it another strong year.

A couple of paraphrased quotes from Bryan:

“I am of course concerned with the downturn in the market, but really excited to see what our team can and will do in the face of adversity.”

“It was truly a God thing that had us planning, in advance, for a year of reinforcement and securing of our current position in the market.  Only He knew the oil prices were about to plunge.”

As much as we all know that we have to do our part, Bryan has it right in knowing that only God is in control.

I am personally looking forward to seeing Bryan lead his team into the future and watching God work through him.

I know that the team and the company will remain Evans Strong!

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  1. Leigh Ann says

    Sue, Thank you so much for all you have done to partner with EEE and Bryan personally! You are a woman with an AMAZING assortment of gifts!! Thank you for sharing those gifts and doing it with such wisdom and clarity! Much appreciation for who you are and looking forward to staying Strong in 2015!

    • Sue Miley says

      Thanks Leigh Ann for your kind words. I love working with EEE and I know they will stay strong. Thanks for sharing the post with Bryan…I know he isn’t on social media!

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