Changing Habits Part 2

Feb 12, 2015, Written by Haley Deprato

After I began the path of healthy eating,  I knew that other areas in my life needed a change too. Other habits needed set in. So..

I started exercising.

(although it would have been hard to recognize from an outsider)

I have issues.  I have knee problems, back problems and shoulder problems.  No, I was never in a car accident.  I just have bad parts.  And having never really exercised in my life, these parts have never been rehabilitated.  The great thing about the place I work out is that they have lot’s of people like me there.  The place for those of you in Baton Rouge is Trinity Holistic Health on Highland Rd.

The exercise programs for me have focused on building up my core and my strength.  I think my basic beginner program was as basic as you can go and I only go twice a week.  And yes, it has taken 9 months to get to where I can do all of the sets and use weights.  But it is working.

If you start with basics of stretching and strength building, you are building health into your body.  For me. these are a few of the results:

  • I haven’t pinched a nerve or pulled something in my neck or back in about 6 months.  That used to be a weekly problem.  I would always have some pain somewhere.  The stretching and creating mobility has really made a difference.
  • I have actually lost weight.  It wasn’t really a goal.  I was just trying to feel better and improve my energy.  I actually gained weight when I first started eating 5-6 times a day.  After I regulated all of the increased eating and did some exercise, I started to lose a little weight each month.
  • My energy is actually magnified if I get my workouts in.  What I mean is that I exhibit energy.  At first, I was just NOT crashing a couple of times a day.  Now, my kids joke with me that they liked it better when I would take naps with them in the afternoons because that is what they want to do.

I changed my sleep habits.

This one is pretty simple.  I used to wake up in the night several times.  I am old.  I would have hot flashes or be thirsty from dehydration.  I was up and down several times a night.  A few key changes and my sleep has improved dramatically:

  • I try to get to sleep between 10-11 every night.  I have read, and my health coach reiterated,  that sleep between 10 pm and 2 am is the most important for our physical regeneration each night.  These are the hours that help us physically.
  • I have tried to get 7–9 hours of sleep each night.  I was always good with 5-6 hours.  At least I thought I was.  I know I have definitely added an hour or two of sleep per night.
  • Julian has me drink about 2 oz of orange juice with a pinch of sea salt and gelatin in it.  I think this helps my hydration and my blood sugar stay steady during the night so I don’t wake up as often.

I definitely sleep better!

I move around more.

As a counselor/coach I am sitting a lot.  Then I go home and sit some more.  I have only done a couple of things here but it feels like it makes a difference:10924779_840576449338217_5700412288823541756_n

  • I got a standing desk.  This helps me get up and move around between clients and when I am doing office work.  By standing I find that I move around when I am on the phone, I go and get things I need, I am generally more mobile.
  • I do a lot more activities that include moving more.  A couple of weeks ago I went on a walking tour with my son in New Orleans.  Don’t laugh, but I would have definitely avoided anything with walking in the title before.
  • I go and take care of things.  Even if it is just errands.  I hate errands.  I think that overall having more energy keeps me out and about more.

The benefits here are an added boost to energy because you have the added circulation and movement to the momentum.  More enthusiasm in what I do because I am up and physically steady, rather than sitting and slumping down in a chair all day.

I am not the type that would ever take up triathlons or marathons.  I am not going to become a Pilates instructor.  I just wanted to have the physical energy that matches the passion in my heart for life and the mental energy I have for learning and doing.

I am still on the journey, but it has made a significant difference and is sustainable.

If you are a busy entrepreneur and can’t seem to find a magic formula to focus on your own health, these gradual change in habits may help you.  It hasn’t always gone well for me.  I had moved up to 3 workouts a week and couldn’t sustain it so I am back to two.  I will try again in the next couple of months to move back up.  I fall off the wagon and eat stuff that is not recommended.  Instead of quitting altogether, I just improve the next snack or meal.  (Don’t write off the whole day if you slip during the day!) And for me, I have had to add a little physical therapy sprinkled in.  Sometimes, I need help on a shoulder or back that goes out.  That has been one of the benefits of Trinity Holistic Health and Fitness. They have it all.  Nutrition, exercise, and even physical therapy.

It isn’t about being the perfect health nut.

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What are some other things that have worked for you?

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