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Christian Small Business Owners,

Here's how you can grow a more
profitable and purposeful business
in just 6 weeks or less.

Discover the 5 keys to growing a solid, profitable small business.

These Keys to Success aren’t taught in business school. They aren’t published in Fast Company, Forbes, or Entrepreneur Magazine. They aren’t mentioned by 99.9% of small business experts.
But, if you learn them now, these 5 principles will be your #1 biggest advantage in achieving success in your small business.

“Undoubtedly the best personal and professional investment I have ever made!”

A few years ago I found myself facing a broad range of challenges I never anticipated. In a world where candid feedback is often replaced by either harsh criticism or silence, this coaching helped me attain the skills I needed to not just survive…but flourish.

Roch Guertin
Medical Device Sales Manager, Medtronic Diabetes

In this 6-part Course, you'll learn how to...

  • Grow Your Business Exponentially

    Discover the 5 essential keys to small business success. They are not what you think!

  • Easily Recognize Your Best Strategies

    This course includes critical, yet simple, exercises to help you clarify your vision and connect every decision to that solid foundation.

  • Reduce Stress & Feel Inspired Daily

    Uncover the deeper purpose in what you do at work so that this sense of purpose becomes an endless source of motivation and persistence.

Welcome to Crossroads Coaching.

Hi, I’m Sue Miley.

As a Christian Small Business Coach and Licensed Professional Christian Counselor, I have people come to me for help with both personal, and business challenges.

People with personal challenges almost always turn first to their faith, prayer and bible study for help. But, I am always surprised how few Christian business owners realize that this is exactly where the answers to their business problems come from, too!

In fact, many of my business clients, who are Christians, don’t even think to pray about their business. Some go so far as to think that God doesn’t care about their business and that their Christian Values are an obstacle to business success.

Making Small Changes - even on a Small Budget Can Make a Big Difference

Less of This

  • Feeling drained, stuck, and overwhelmed.
  • Costly trial and error with poor results.
  • Working IN your business, with no time to work ON your business.
  • Having the wrong people, or getting poor performance.
  • Wondering how to really live your values at work and still succeed.

More of This

  • Feeling energized, confident, and productive.
  • Knowing exactly how to choose the best strategies.
  • Having enough time to pause, think, pray and improve.
  • Knowing how to find and lead employees to their best performance
  • Using your values as an advantage, not a disadvantage.

Solve even your biggest, most pressing problems with this daily home study course.


  • Yes. I believe that good business and Biblical principles are both important in growing a successful business.

Small Business Owners spend thousands of dollars with me each month to help them one-on-one in solving their biggest business challenges. After 8-years as a Counselor and Consultant, I realized that there was a pattern… and that I could help many more people who can’t come see me one-on-one, if I put it into a well-built, easy to follow, bible-based, home study course.

This is why I have developed this Bible-based Program to help Christians who Own Small Businesses to discover and master the 5 Advantages you already possess – and set their business on a solid foundation for growth, profitability and deeper purpose.

The Christian Business Edge

The 50-page Guide

Explore the 5 Business Challenges and discover the 5 Business Advantages.

Six Workbooks

Master the 5 Business Advantages – 80 pages of information and exercises.

Get the Motivation You Need
to Transform Your Business

...And Get These Added Success Tools as a Free Bonus.

Prayer at Work for Christian Small Business Owners

Bonus #1:

Audio: “Prayer @ Work”

Start each week with a peaceful, confident, focused feeling. Turn your success over to God each day with this step-by-step audio guide to help you do a ‘prayer walkthrough’ of your business. Stay focused, inspired, and connected to God every day at work.

Stress at work Bible Study for Small Business Owners

Bonus #2:

Study Guide: “Stress @ Work”

Learn the truth about overwhelm, fear, and worry – and how to find solid ground amid the challenges of running a business. This Bible Study Guide is specifically designed to help you draw on your faith and trust in God concerning your biggest worries at work.

True Success Metrics for Small Business

Bonus #3

Template: “Kingdom Metrics Scorecard”

Leave work every day knowing you’ve made a difference in peoples’ lives, contributed to your community, and built a strong foundation for your business future. Print this template and create your own scorecard to track your True Success. Develop a deeper sense of purpose and accomplishment every day.

Success PATH for Christian Small Business Owners

Bonus #4:

The Christian Business Crossroads “Success P.A.T.H. Map”

Where are you on the P.A.T.H. to small business success? Have you skipped important steps that are essential to your future growth and survival? Use this full color to discover you best next steps, and to uncover potential hazards in the road to True Success.

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“I was at a crossroad in my life – overworked and lacking clarity…”
As a sole business owner I often felt very isolated and unsure of whether my decisions were sound. After one visit with Sue I knew I had to find a way to see her. I now have clear business goals that get clearer and more fine-tuned at every meeting. I am becoming a more effective general business manager.

Lorrain Mackay
Lorrain Mackay Baton Rouge Physical Therapy