At a loss for words? How to find the right voice in copywriting.

Mar 7, 2023, Written by Taylor Bravender

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Are you struggling to find the ground underneath you when trying to write? Finding the right voice in writing depends on many different components.

Whether you are having trouble writing to a specific audience, in a specific tone, or about a certain topic, the underlying message serves as a key role in communication.

Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss for words when trying to deliver a specific message. There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to write. Remember to take it step by step. I know work and life can be overwhelming and can have you running in circles.

Take a breath and remember that the path you are on can have twists and turns but will lead you to better things. Trust in God and yourself that you can do this, and he gave you a voice for a reason. Here are a few ways you can find that voice.

5 Copywriting Tips for Small Businesses

1. Who is/are your target audience(s)?

Firstly, figure out who you want to read your paper. You can create an immensely passionate piece and still miss the attention of people you want to read your work. Before beginning, ask yourself who you are trying to reach.

You can ask things such as does my target audience include an older generation of people, a younger generation, people who may come from a higher income area, people who may come from a lower income area, do they have families, or are single.

What kind of speech are they more inclined to listen to or read? Could they be more attracted to a personal one-on-one type of text, or would they prefer a professional tone of voice with finer wording?

Once you discover who exactly you are writing to, you can begin to figure out your next move. 

2. What message am I trying to get across? 

Am I trying to draw people in and attract them to a product or brand? Am I trying to inform a group of people about a relevant subject? Am I trying to build a lasting relationship with my audience?

Determining the focus of your work is one of the stepping stones in the process. I like to begin by choosing from four main categories of writing. I try to remember these four main categories using the acronym A.P.I.E or (a pie). The acronym stands for argumentative, persuasive, informational, and entertaining.

What slice of A.P.I.E is my writing going to be? Is my writing going to focus on being argumentative, persuasive, informational, or a piece for entertainment purposes?

3. Make a connection. 

Figure out how you can make a connection with your audience. How can your writing establish a lasting relationship with your target audience?

Once you create a relationship with the audience, you can gather loyal customers and increase the interactions on your social media, website, blog, or online reviews.

Will a connection be made through your wording, your tone, the opinions you may have included, the subject of the piece, your personal credibility, your organization or business’s credibility, or previous interactions they may have had with your or your business?

4. Have a call to action or focal point in your piece. 

You can write a nine-page article or paper any day and still not be able to attract readers. If your writing is boring and does not include something that draws the reader in, then you will find yourself at a stop.

Readers want to interact and engage with things that interest them or call them in. The first sentence or leading paragraph is the most crucial part of any writing piece. Most people will read the first few sentences and leave if it bores them or lacks interest. 

5. Leave your readers wanting more. 

Not only is it crucial to grab the attention of your audience, but also to leave them wanting more. A well-written piece will have the reader wanting to hear more from the author, learn more about the subject, be interested in the company or organization the work is for or about, and want or need to share with others about it. 

Remember that when you are writing that there is a purpose and reason for it. If you are looking for help, advice, or strategies on how to copywrite or better your copywriting, the marketing team at Crossroads Professional Coaching is here to assist you. 

If you found these copywriting tips for small businesses helpful, you can learn more about Crossroads and the marketing services we offer by visiting our Marketing Services page or by calling (225) 341–4147.

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