Courage: Choosing to Act in Spite of Fear

May 13, 2010, Written by Sue Miley

In Bruce Wilkenson’s book, Beyond Jabez, he says that people often decide it must not be from God if they are so afraid. I’ve done that. I don’t always have the courage to face fears. I have hesitated. As small business owners, we take on all of the risk ourselves. It’s scary. Things already happen in our business that routinely result in anxiety and fear.

  • Sales are great if the clients would pay their bills. My receivable balance is growing, but my bank account isn’t.
  • Our lease runs out in a few months, and the landlord isn’t renewing. Where will we go?
  • A considerable competitor wooed away my star employee. I could never pay that much.

On top of this, God wants me to choose to take steps that I know will cause me great anxiety.

Jesus taught, “Everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required.” (Luke 12:48)

How To Overcome Fear

If you are thinking, God, I want to do big things. If you are praying, God, please help me make these big things happen. If you are hoping that God will bless your business. Then you and I have a lot in common. Hopefully, where we differ is that you, unlike me, do not let fear slow you down

In early 2009, God began to call me to work with and speak to groups. It took me until December 2009 to be courageous and start doing it.

But I was terrified on multiple levels. The first is how to find groups to speak to and help. If I find groups and I charge (albeit a lower price), it has to be good, or people would get ripped off. And Lord, I am still determining if I am a public speaker. I have done it occasionally, but usually upon request, not me seeking the fear and stress myself. And finally, my content is all in my head. I have never taken the time to develop programs. Is there anything new under the sun? Can I provide a fresh perspective?

God Will Guide Us

Thankfully, God put a huge flashing sign in front of me by having several people ask me to do groups or to come speak. And guess what, God made it all happen. I jumped out of my box and went and found public speaking coaching to improve my abilities. (Okay, really, to give me confidence.) I said yes to every opportunity and, (Yes), even created a couple on my own. In the first quarter of 2010 alone, I ran two group coaching programs working with 31 people. I had the opportunity to be a speaker for three different outside programs. I have a new Life by Design coaching group for women beginning next Thursday, May 20. And, if God is willing, we will start a new Navigating Your Business group in June.

I am still feeling called further astray from my box to shake up my traditional coaching models offering technology-based solutions like teleseminars and online home study products. I am a techno-geek want-to-be. My abilities don’t always match my desires.

What about you? Have you postponed taking that step of courage for the past year like I did? I know that sometimes we don’t trust ourselves. 

  • Moses didn’t when he was called to confront Pharoah.
  • Esther didn’t when she needed to intervene with the King on behalf of her people.
  • Sarah just knew she was too old to bear children.

Yet, our faithful God came through for all of them and millions of other believers across time. God gives us our desires and wants us to be blessed with them. All we have to do is be strong and DECIDE to take courage! What do you need courage for in your life or business today? Let us know so we can pray for you.

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  1. abidemi says

    I am a big fan from Nigeria. I just want you to please pray with me to God for courage to start the writting, completion, publishing and sales of my various dream books, and also to have the courage to speak publicly even if I av to be. Afraid doing it. Thanks and God bless for helping out. God bless you too in return.

    • S_Miley says

      I will pray Abidemi. Sometimes I just have to jump in and let God do the rest. I will pray that for you!

  2. Ben says

    Excellent article. I’m learning to act in spite of fear. It’s scary, but praying to God for strength everyday as I progress in the journey to build an online information marketing business.

    I’ve had the same feeling as Bruce expressed in his book ‘Beyond Jabez’ (which I haven’t read, but am quoting from above), that ‘It’s not from God, if I’m so afraid’, rather I now understand that I’m doing something that’s out of my comfort zone.

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Sue Miley

Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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