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Grow Your Business with
Purpose and Clarity

Discover what’s keeping you stuck and get
clear on what to do next to grow.


Most small businesses hit the ground running. They sell whatever they can, they bend over backwards for clients, they handle a wide variety of jobs. They do whatever they have to do to survive. They often end up:

  • Hiring in a rush, and not getting the right people the first time around.
  • Spending all their time delivering on what they sell, with little to no time to pause, step back and improve the business.

Here's what my clients have told me about what causes them to Get Stuck:






If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or overworked…
If you're not 100% confident that what you're doing today will grow your business…You're Not Alone

Here's how our FREE Clarity Kit helps you arrive at work every morning with energy and confidence - with a clear picture of how the work today was part of your bigger 6 month growth strategy.

Identify Your "Low Hanging Fruit" with our Growth Opportunity Assessment.

There's a certain set of key elements you need in order to grow. You probably already have some of them. But if you are like most small business owners, there are some gaps, too. The Clarity Kit comes with a Growth Opportunity Assessment that helps you figure out where to start - where your gaps are.

Discover Your "Road Map" to Success
with the Free Step-by-Step Guide

Based on your results from the Growth Opportunity Assessment, the Clarity Kit guide will give you the explanation and next steps you need. Spend just 10-20 min a day and turn what you've learned into real success in your own business using the instruction and worksheets in the Clarity Kit Guide.

Watch the Quick 5-Part Video
Walk Through with Sue Miley

Two of our coaches, experts in small business growth, walk you through each step on the Success Path. This is a great way to get a quicker overview. It's also great for those of you who learn better by hearing and seeing than by reading.

Let our coaches help you catch a vision of the big picture for growing your small business as a Christian.

Clarity Kit Videos

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These are some of our most popular tools for small business success - also free when you sign up for the Free Crossroads Clarity Kit.

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Kingdom Metrics Cards (Printable)

Purposeful Path Map (printable)

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