Do You Know Your Mission?

Mar 10, 2016, Written by Jim Miley


Over the past few weeks, the subject of Mission has come up a lot.

Business Mission.
Church Mission.
Personal Mission.

In my work here at Crossroads, it has come up with business owners who are forced to evaluate their business Mission.  We collaborate on clarifying the Mission, ask whether we are staying true to the Mission, plan on ways to accomplish the Mission, pray for God’s hand in it all.

I’m studying “Acts” with a group on Thursday mornings, where we have been digging in to the Mission of the early church.  Have you really considered the development of the early Christian church?  The Apostles had to collaborate to clarify the Mission, ask whether they were staying true to the Mission, plan on ways to accomplish the Mission, pray for God’s hand in it all.

I find constant encouragement for both my professional and personal life in Scripture.  Not a day goes by without some revelation for my spirit that connects the otherwise fragmented pieces of my life and I love hearing how others experience the same in their own endeavors.

Acts 9:29-31, speaking of Paul’s earliest Mission…

“And he [Saul]  spoke and disputed against the Hellenists.  But they were seeking to kill him.  And when the brothers learned this, they brought him down to Caesarea and sent him off to Tarsus.  So the church throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria had peace and was being built up.  And walking in the fear of the Lord and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied.” 

The Apostles’ Mission and Our Business Mission

The early church had a lot going on.  The Apostles were trying to understand exactly how to best follow Christ’s footsteps. Opposition to the church would brutalize and murder the teachers.  Saul, who would soon become Paul and the most prolific leader of the church next to Christ, had been the most brutal opponent just one year prior.  So, Saul the persecutor now becomes Paul the persecuted with people wanting him dead to stop his Mission.

Our business lives often have a lot going on, as well.  We look to understand exactly how to best manage our business.  Competitors/obstacles to our progress will often resort to seemingly extreme measures.  We may feel like our own worst problem at times as we struggle with making progress.  It may seem like our adversaries would like us out of picture; thereby, stopping our Mission.

So my Bible study friends (many of whom are also business people) and I wrestle with these parallel stories.  Here are some of my personal revelations.

The Apostles’ Mission became clear through intense prayer, meditation and collaboration with one another.  They sought God’s wisdom first then the wise counsel of trusted advisors to Know The Mission.  The Christian Mission is one focused on eternal service to God’s will.  Regardless of persecution and associated adverse conditions including prison, threats, death, the early church stayed on Mission.  The early Disciples pressed beyond any individual expectation of leisure time, social standing, self-actualization, financial gain, etc.

Our Business Mission should be so clear!  We should pray intensely on our business Mission.  We should meditate on our objectives that are inspired with a heart of God’s will.  We should collaborate with trusted advisers to Know the Mission.  Our Business Mission should be in harmony with God’s will.  Empowered with this Mission for our business we will press beyond the day-by-day adversaries and obstacles.

Empowered with Knowing this kind of Mission, we will find our life less complicated by inconsistent compartments that separate our work, social, spiritual lives; they are the same; they are in harmony with God’s will; they will bring peace to your soul.

Do you Know Your Mission?

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