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Mar 14, 2023, Written by Michelle Bankston

effective office skills for administrative support staff

A business has a lot of working parts to keep the business running. Administrative Assistants play a key role in supporting the team. So, how can you strive to be the best support for your team? What are the most effective office skills for administrative support staff to have? Here are some key tools to use when you want to be the best for your team.

Four Effective Office Skills for Administrative Support Staff

1. Great Communication Skills

Communication skills are important for anyone so how do you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be a great communicator? Being in the role of an administrative assistant, you correspond to the clients and greet them. So being able to speak clearly and being personable is important to being a good communicator.

Another aspect of great communication is having good punctuation and grammar. Being an active listener to the needs of the clients and co-workers is important. Communication is not all about what is said but also about listening.

Lastly, your body language is an important part of communication, for example sitting in a chair hunched over and arms crossed is not projecting that you are willing to have a productive conversation. But if you sit up with your arms relaxed you are open to have a great conversation.

2. Pay Close Attention to Details

As an administrative assistant, you must closely monitor the office and moving parts of the day. Keeping track of the schedule, and noticing when things are out of place. Paying close attention plays into communication skills because you can catch spelling errors.

While doing daily responsibilities you can use attention to details in correspondences and finishing tasks. Being able to pay close attention to details, you have the ability to keep an organized office.

3. Organization

Organization is important in any space, but most importantly in the workspace and as an administrative assistant it is your responsibility to keep an organized workspace. Keeping a clean and neat office space is best for the business. It helps make the office run smoother.

Organizational skills are included in planning, filing, and regular office management. Administrative assistants handle several tasks at any time, so being able to come up with effective organization systems is important. Organizations systems can be different for every company, so you must find what works best for the company.

4. Time Management

Time Management is a large part for administrative assistants. You need to be punctual and schedule your time wisely. Meeting deadlines, adjusting priorities, and planning for productivity is crucial to staying organized.

You are also responsible for keeping track of your boss’s time and making sure to stay on top of their schedule. Being able to have good time management will help you in the future from spreading yourself too thin.

Working on all the skills above will help you achieve the best way for you to give support to your team and the clients you serve. When you apply the skills there will be a noticeable difference in the workplace.

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Michelle Bankston

As the Administrative Assistant, I will carry out the daily office needs, to keep an organized and positive environment. I am responsible for making sure the staff and client’s needs are met, to maintain an efficient, professional, comfortable, and welcoming environment for the clients. I am so glad to be a part of the Crossroads team that helps our clients grow.

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