3 Tactics to Tackling Email Marketing

Jul 12, 2018, Written by Danny Myers



I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before, but I’ll say it again: email marketing is still a worthy investment for businesses.

Why? According to Leighton Interactive, email marketing still has an enormous ROI of 3,800% (on average). This means for every dollar spent on email marketing, there is a $38 return.

Just as many other aspects of today’s world, the number of email users continues to grow each year and is estimated to reach 4.1 billion users by 2021.

So how can effectively use email marketing to help your business? What are some trends or common practices that show results

Personalize Your Email Marketing

Make your emails feel like a conversation. 

Include the client’s name, the day of the week, or other relevant information. Non-personal emails are ignored because there is no sense of effort and the customer may not feel you care about them.

By including personalization, you show that you do care and want to make an effort to keep them engaged.

This personalization includes segmenting your email list to ensure clients receive information or resources that they actually care about. Sending an email about something a client doesn’t care about could result in 1) them not opening the email and 2) may cause them to unsubscribe.

By personalizing your email marketing, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening, while also improving your open rate and clicks.

Try New Things

Mix things up now and then. 

Try sending an email on a day or time that you normally don’t. You may find this time is better for your clients and you get a higher open rate.

Also, try different topics or formats! Your customers may enjoy the change of pace. Add a video or GIF to your email. Recent statistics show that including a video can increase your open rate as much as 19%, which is definitely worth the try. 

Evaluate Your Results

After you send an email, come back later that day or even the next to evaluate how well it performed.

Check your open rate, clicks, and unsubscribes.

If your open rate or clicks are low, you might not be providing information that your clients want. Use this to determine what needs to be adjusted such as when you send your emails, or the content you provide.

One way you may be able to solve this problem is by asking for feedback.

What does your client want to hear about? How often do they wish to receive emails? Setup a quick survey and send it to them so you can improve your engagement!

This is merely the beginning of the numerous improvements that can be made to increase your email marketing engagement and ROI.

These 3 resources below provide more helpful information you can use:

  1. Insightful Email Marketing Statistics
  2. Email Marketing Guide
  3. Email Marketing Best Practices

But remember to personalize your emails, try new tactics to see what works, and take the time to analyze the results so improvements can be made.

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