Facebook Becomes the Communication Lifeline for Businesses Who Can Help

Aug 24, 2016, Written by Amy Tressitt


This Louisiana flood is going to be the great “Where were you when…?” topic of our generation. Similar to when man landed on the moon or when Kennedy was shot, we will all remember the past two weeks – how we were all rescued by boat from our homes, how huge the damage was, and we’ll tell the story for years to come. And, in addition to the Cajun Navy, FEMA, and SNAP, there is one player that seems to have risen higher than all others…Facebook.

Communication seemed to have ceased. Cell phone service for one particular provider was completely gone, and once the ‘Navy’ was out on boats, there was no way to ensure mobile service to them to provide locations for rescues.

So, what did we do?

We used Facebook! A seemingly extraneous platform used to post selfies and my-kid-on-the-first-day-of-school pics became the lifeline for so many.

And, now that the rescues have been completed and the mobile service for all has been restored, does Facebook fade into the background as the unimportant place to post your piles of debris photos again? I don’t think so.

Facebook Is Not Going Anywhere

Where Facebook has primarily been used as a social platform, it is now a huge resource for businesses to gain followers, increase their sphere of influence and market much-needed products and services to the masses who need them. It has become the most important business platform in South Louisiana.

As a local business, how do you leverage Facebook to reach out to customers who need your services or products?

Here are the recommended top three immediate steps:

Step One: Create a Customized Facebook Page
Use your customized Facebook page to outline those services that are in immediate need. People are in a crisis mode. They are living in homes without walls. They don’t have time to dig through page after page of information to find what you offer them. Make sure they know what you can do for them immediately!

Step Two: Post – Post Relevant Information and Post Often
Make sure that you are posting often to capture your audience. But, posting for posting’s sake is not going to get you anywhere. It is just going to turn people off and away. Provide relevant information for people that they will want to share, and ask them to contact you for more information.

Step Three: Use Facebook Ads
You may hate it, but now is the time to invest in Facebook ads. There is no better way to geo-target your audience than through Facebook and if you are offering a service that is in immediate need, don’t hesitate and don’t skimp on your ad budget.

The unskilled Facebook-using business might not have the resources or the time to accomplish what is needed to promote their services on Facebook right now. Keep in mind there are professional companies out there that offer this service, including Crossroads Professional Services. Our services begin at the basic set-up and posting content for your business, and go all the way up to ghost-writing blogs, digital content and creating entire advertising campaigns.

To find out more about our services, give us a call at 225-341-4147 today and we can expedite the process to get you up and running.

Everyone’s situation is different and this business market is changing daily. Be flexible. Be honest. And, most of all, be available.

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Amy Tressitt

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