4 Reasons Your Business Needs Female Leadership

Jul 20, 2017, Written by Ashton Harris

Female Leadership

Several weeks ago, my husband and I had an entire week together with no kids while our little ones spent a week in Tennessee with grandparents. What was the first thing I wanted to do with our week of freedom? Go see a movie (yea, we’re those wild and crazy party people).

We heard that Wonder Woman was getting great reviews, so we went for it. And I’m so glad we did. The effect that cinema can have on us is amazing. I left the theater feeling like I could save the world with a lasso and look like an exotic supermodel while doing it.  Apparently a lot of people have enjoyed the movie because it has out-performed any other superhero movie in the last 15 years.

Diana won me over with her stunning grace and beauty, but I loved her mostly for her conviction. It was so refreshing to see her sensitivity displayed as strength and empathy as a powerful force for the good of mankind. One blog I read claims that Wonder Woman may be the most accurate on-screen depiction of biblical womanhood, and I have to agree. God does not view women as side-kicks and He didn’t create them to take a back seat in His kingdom. God calls women to lead- in His church, in the world, and in your business.

Not only can women be great leaders, but your business actually needs the leadership of strong women. Women were formed to serve and lead in ways that are unique to men. Without them, your business is only half of what it could be.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Female Leadership:

  • Women are excellent communicators. Women are fantastic at talking. Since sensitivity is a core strength, women are able to interpret, translate, and communicate well in written and oral communication. At high levels of leadership, women can clearly communicate vision with passion and inspire a team with their well-crafted words.
  • Women are master multi-taskers. Anyone that can change a diaper, cook dinner, and take a business call simultaneously is already a Diana in my book. Women are enormously gifted in the ability to juggle so many things at once and not miss a beat. Your business needs a woman that can manage all of the details that can easily be overlooked.
  • Women are driven by empathy. Women help companies have better empathetic voices. While men are not void of compassion, I do believe that women are gifted with an extra dose of it. They’re natural care-takers and nurturers and they are full of patience (for the most part). In Wonder Woman, Diana crossed the line from pedestrian to heroine when empathy compelled her to fight for the defenseless. Your team needs peacemakers that are empathetic to others- to fellow coworkers on the team and to your customers or clients.
  • Women have a natural eye for beauty. No matter what kind of business you have, you need creatives on your team that can give your company a pleasant appearance. Your business needs a fresh look and presence online and on social media. Women are gifted in the aesthetics and they have a natural eye for beauty and design.  While this skill set is not exclusive to women, you must have someone on your team that can add beauty to whatever it is that you do.

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Ashton Harris

Ashton graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in English Education. She began working at Crossroads on the Marketing Team in May 2017.

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