Finding Security When Everything Is Not Secure

Jul 14, 2020, Written by Rachel Isbill

finding security in god

2020 has done a number on the world. Everything is uncertain and it seems like anything goes at this point. I honestly don’t know if anyone would be surprised if the news reported that pigs were flying tomorrow. If we stop to take stock of recent events for even just a moment, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the uncertainty we are living in.

I had an interesting reflection over the past couple of months. I realized how much of my security was being threatened as I watched headline after headline come through. One specific thought I was surprised to notice was how much security I found in living in America. At the beginning of this season, I found myself thinking “crazy what’s happening all over the world, but that kind of thing won’t happen here.” Jokes on me. I realize now that was my privilege that allowed me to feel safe here, and my ignorance that believed America was exempt. I’m sharing that to say that living in America was a perceived security blanket that I didn’t even know that I had. (One that not everyone has had the opportunity to have.) Yet that has been stripped away as well.

As we look down the barrel of unknown, there is a lot of insecurity for business owners and managers uniquely. Will there still be a need for what your business offers? How might economic changes affect you? Will there be decisions to make about letting employees go? Can your business survive this?

I can only imagine the weight that the unknowns place on you as a business owner.

You might have tried finding security for yourself and your business in a number of ways. Self-sufficiency is usually a strong characteristic of an entrepreneur or manager. You’ve probably assessed and evaluated every angle to protect yourself and your business. Yet new information keeps coming, and new security must be found all over again.

Does it feel like you can’t catch a break?

Does it feel like the safe walls you had built were only illusions? Are you recognizing security nets you had installed without even realizing it?

The kind of security you’re looking for cannot be found here.

Finding Security When Everything is not Secure

The kind of security you’re looking for can only be found in Christ. I know that sounds like the perfect little Sunday School answer. Packaging up your hardships with a pretty “Jesus” bow on top. But stick in here with me for a moment.

This is the place where the rubber hits the road with your faith, friends.

What are you clinging to? What is your posture?

The world or God’s will? Self-sufficiency or dependence?

Nothing in this world- not even all the crazy of the year 2020- can change the facts of the gospel.

Jesus died. You are sealed in His salvation. This is your only security. Is it enough?

You see, ultimately all of these things of earth will pass away. As is evidenced by so much of the economic distress we’ve experienced, this world we’re building will not last. The business you build, the wealth you accumulate, the legacy you develop- it is all a flower that fades.

Does this mean those things are in vain? Or that you shouldn’t do those things? Of course not! As Christians, these activities can bring glory to God when done in a sacrificial way. But if you try to make them your god by asking them to offer you security that you were never promised, you will be disappointed.

The only thing that will remain is your true security as a child of God. And nothing that is coming this year can change that.

So have hope.

Even if all that we fear comes true. If the “worst case scenario” becomes real life. There is still an eternity with God – where all is right and made new. He is preparing it for you. You do not have to build a staircase on this earth to get there. Your spot is not reserved by your successes, nor is it threatened by your failures. No chaos of this world can touch what we look forward to.

Now THAT is a place to find security.

Reminding ourselves of this ultimate truth frees us from the suffering of putting our hope in lesser things.

Ask God to make these truths that you now know in your head connect with your heart. As we face whatever unknowns that the future may hold, may we be a people that hope in Christ and live accordingly- secure in Him and looking forward to a day where all is as it should be.

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