Finding the Resources (Time and Money) To Get Unstuck

Jul 29, 2013, Written by Sue Miley

Many small businesses get stuck.  Maybe the true reason is because we are small.  Tiny surfers going up against the crashing waves of the business world.  While, of course, we watch the enormous fishing boat glide by next to us.

How do you find time to fully capture your vision in words that can be communicated to others?

When do I find time to hire an employee that has amazing gifts and can help me break through this recent plateau?

Does marketing really work?  Is it worth the investment in an expensive marketing firm or should I just print that flyer we used last week.

Lack of time and resources keep us stuck.  But more than the limited time and resources, lurks fear.

I say that because I know.

I have resources.  I have them personally allocated to the things I choose to enjoy, major luxuries when compared to the poverty across the globe.

The Opportunity Cost of Getting Unstuck

They are tied up in my lifestyle.  Seriously, I could have a new logo if I just gave up gourmet coffee!  So I went ahead and got a new logo.

My time gets wasted by lingering in social media too long, past the point of the statement “I am doing it for work”.  And, although I never want to be a workaholic again, writing a new blog post or outlining a new product would certainly be more productive than that episode in the 3rd season of Fringe on Netflix.

Even my family would agree with that!

The definition of efficiency can put us to shame.  If we were more efficient with our time and money could we get unstuck in our business?

There Is Much To Be Said For “Just Do It”

If you just woke up an hour earlier each day for a year would you have the time you need to develop your vision, build your team and develop a foundation to grow your business?

If you actually used your calendar and implemented the practices that Stephen Covey taught us about Quadrant II activities would your business transform?

If your habits changed and you ate healthier and felt better and slept through the night could you focus on the stuff that would get you unstuck?

Eliminate “Yeah, But” From Your Vocabulary

We all have choices.  Yet how many times have we said “yeah but” to advisors, family, or friends who suggested a way out.

I have learned in my psychology education that humans are resistant to change and that the pain of the situation has to be greater than the benefits in order for many of us to willingly make changes.

But you have a choice.  You can wait for the pain to increase, but by then you may have even less money and less time to dig your way out of the hole.  Or you can begin the process with baby steps at least taking you down the path of transformation and growth.

What will your choice be?

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Sue Miley

Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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