Grateful Moments

Nov 27, 2019, Written by Sue Miley

In our new health chasing society we seek peace, lower stress, physical health, and more through practices such as exercise, meditation, mindfulness, and yes, gratitude!  And gratitude comes on top during this Thanksgiving season.  

As small business owners there is a lot of stress that comes from owning and running a small business.  There are also many times that we do forsake our physical health because of lack of time and busy-ness. And many of us actually started our own business, in part, to find peace in what we thought would be something we had more control over.

Yet, in a general practice of gratitude, a pre-requisite is not that everything is just smooth sailing and ongoing success.  Actually, we are to find the gratitude whatever the circumstance. So I know that all of you are not necessarily feeling the love and gratefulness for your business and it’s rewards at this very second.  But, we still can find the gratitude and take comfort and hope in it. And for another large group of successful business owners, don’t miss the moments for gratitude. Don’t take it for granted.

Grateful moments are to be cherished.

Grateful for a Truly Collaborative Team

I always take off work for most of the week of Thanksgiving.  Our tradition for more than a decade is that everyone comes to our house.  This year, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving before I begin the 48 hour cooking marathon, we had a chance to grab our coaching team and head over to Hello Sushi.  As we were chatting and discussing wrapping up client work for the year, a wave of thankfulness washed over me.  

My feeling in the moment came out in words.  “I am so thankful that all of you get along so well.”  Seriously, our team always respects each other, work well together, and genuinely get along.  I have been around so many teams that don’t, that this is truly a blessing. I am grateful.

Thankful for Growth

Last year at Thanksgiving I was headed into what would be the first of my three children getting married.  This was after two of the three graduated college, two international trips, several bouts of work-missing-sickness for me, all combined to leave us not in our best performance year.  This stressed me out knowing that I had two more weddings rolling into 2019 and a company that still needed my presence.

I prayed a lot during 2019.  I focused more and trusted in the Lord to provide.  Our team grew at the beginning of the year and our incredible clients kept referring people.  Our goal was to not only rebound from a not so great 2018 (although in an article on gratefulness I can still say we were completely taken care of by our faithful Lord) but to have the best year ever.  As of this Thanksgiving 2019, we have already exceeded our biggest year ever.  

Again, I am grateful for our team and their hard work and talent.

I am so grateful for our clients and their trusting us with their friends and colleagues enough to refer them.

Never Take Health for Granted

Unfortunately it took me almost half a century to focus on health and like anything else, it takes awhile to hit your rhythm.  I am several years in now, and after years of too many needs for antibiotics and steroids, I am so thankful that this year finally broke through the pattern.  

Better diet, exercise, and sleep have led to a year of much better health.  I have written about it before, but we can’t underestimate the impact good personal health has on our business.

It impacts our attitude.
It sustains our focus.
It delivers productivity.

I am committed to doing my part to sustain healthy living, and I am so incredibly grateful for the state of my health today.

As I complete my 90 minute HIIT group workout (at age 55)…..

in that moment every Saturday morning….

I am grateful.

Staying Focused on Our Savior

In all of life, there are ups and downs.  I have certainly had my share of both. But, since Jesus saved me almost 20 years ago, my life is one of gratitude.  And thankfully, Jesus cares about all of our life, including our business. These were a few grateful moments in 2019, yet as a small business owner, I look for and focus on gratitude daily…..

  • When I have a terrible day with clients and wish I had done things differently, I turned to Jesus in prayer and trust He will turn the day into something for good…even if it is just me learning to not make the same mistakes.
  • If we have a bad month or lose money on a project, I am thankful that we have the tools to see this, and therefore, can make improvements in the future.
  • If I am sick or have a wedding or three, I do have the flexibility to take off if needed.
  • If I am sick or have a wedding or three, I have a wonderful team that can keep things going.
  • When we receive a call for services and the new prospect announces it was one of our clients who referred them.
  • When my schedule is overwhelmed and the team has more work to do than hours to do them, that we can hire a new member to our team and right size the boat.
  • That I love our offices that took 9 years of business to be able to afford and now we are 5 years in and I still feel peace and tranquility when I walk through the doors.

These are just a touch of the many ways we can find gratitude and thanksgiving in our business.  Ultimately, it is up to us. We must be constantly focused on filtering out the bad while maintaining the good, finding the reasons to be thankful, and by all means, chasing and cherishing all of the grateful moments.

Thank you Lord that I am able to do work that I love.
Thank you Lord that I am able to make a difference in my community.
Thank you Lord that I am able employ others and help feed their families.

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Sue Miley

Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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