Navigating the Road of Recruiting and Hiring

Sep 14, 2020, Written by Shannon Farris

hiring and recruiting process

The idea of going through the hiring and recruiting process can often make a small business owners’ head spin. It could be that you have never hired someone and have no idea even where to begin, or maybe you have hired before and it seems like candidate after candidate doesn’t work out. This leads you back to the drawing board to figure out what needs to change or what went wrong.

Whatever the reason may be, the hiring process can sometimes be daunting or overwhelming. You could be hiring for a multitude of reasons…

Business Growth! It is an exciting time of business growth and with that growth means that it is time to bring in new talent!

An Employee Quits/ Is Let Go. Whether it’s amicable or not, now you have this important hole to fill and you need to fill it fast. This hole in your team now puts more stress on you, the business owner, and your team who is navigating ways to make sure the duties of that role are still being taken care of.

Whatever the reason may be that you are now back at the beginning of the recruiting process, I wanted to share a few important tips to keep in mind while you look for your next great employee!

Communicate with Clarity

This is just as important at the beginning of the recruiting process as it is at the end. Make sure your job description clearly states the expectations of the jobs and the skills that are required. This not only helps you, as the business owner, have clarity on what you are looking for, but it paints a clear picture to the candidates who are applying.  This is also important because, as you clearly define the responsibilities of the role, then you have a better idea of the type of candidate that you are looking for. You know what kind of skills and experience are required.

During the interview process, clearly communicate the expectations, responsibilities, and what the culture is of your business. Candidates need to have a clear understanding of the position and what is expected during their interviewing process. The more you communicate clearly, the less chance there is for tension or misunderstandings of roles or expectations down the line.

Be Patient

Depending on the urgency to fill the position, there is the temptation to hire the first person you interview in order to fill the hole in your staff that is causing you stress. Fight that temptation! Unless it’s a home run, knock out hire and you know without a doubt that they are the perfect fit, then great, go for it! It does happen! But, I would advise you to be patient and go through your process fully. When you rush, you often want to cut corners like background checks and reference checks. Those are just as important as the interview!

If you interview someone off-site, bring them to your office, have them meet your team, and even have a trusted employee to sit down with them and interview as well. Make sure the candidate gets a feel for your environment so they feel it is a good fit as well. This allows you to do your due diligence and make sure you are being thorough in your interview process, not just racing to fill a hole.


As Christian business owners, I believe that this is the most important thing you can do during your recruiting process. Pray specifically that God gives you discernment, wisdom in judgment, and clarity. Pray that He opens doors that need to be open and closes the ones that need to be closed. 

Ultimately, God is the one that is guiding you, guiding your leadership and your business. He is where we go to seek wisdom and just as you may pray before a big meeting, a proposal, it is also important to pray for the team that you are building and developing. Pray and trust that He will give you wisdom throughout your hiring process.  

There is no doubt that recruiting and hiring is a process. It is a process filled with some highs and some lows, maybe a few twists and it doesn’t always look the same. Hiring can be stressful and make you feel as if you are stepping out in uncharted waters, but when you step back and look at the big picture, you will find that it is exciting to bring a new person with new ideas, a fresh perspective, and new energy on your team.

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Shannon Farris

Shannon graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies in December of 2015. She began working full time at Crossroads in October of 2016. She is excited to be a part of a team who builds their foundation on Christ and desires that to be seen first in everything they do.

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