Why Have a Hobby

Apr 12, 2021, Written by Madelyn Curtis


As I get older it seems I have less and less time to do anything. Crazy right? I am unmarried, no kids, and it still feels as though my time is becoming more and more precious. I can’t imagine having to devote some of it to a husband or child. Yet, I feel it is so important to have something that is your own that brings you joy, a hobby. Work, school, family, church, and the added extras can be overwhelming, leaving little room for doing the things we enjoy is essential to living a well-balanced life.  

Hobbies allow us to step out of our everyday routine and give us a chance to do something we love and are passionate about. For some, a hobby could be a mental escape (like painting), a perfecting process of a certain skill (like leatherworking), or even a social hobby (like a team sport).  Having an outlet is such a healthy way to relieve stress and ease the burden of life in general.

There are endless benefits of taking time aside to invest in a hobby: a couple of huge ones being physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s important to shift your thoughts from the day-to-day obligations of paying bills, chasing kids, working jobs, etc. to something that is relaxing and fulfilling in a different kind of way. A hobby provides perspective, appreciation, and a sense of accomplishment or drive. Things like music, painting, gardening, cooking, photography, hiking have been associated with improving mental health and quality of life.

So if you haven’t already, choose one! And if you have one but have neglected to spend time on one lately, here’s your challenge to make time! Don’t know where to start? Try asking these questions:

  1. Do you like competition?
  2. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  3. Is there a new skill you would like to learn?
  4. Do you crave more physical activity?
  5. Are there things you enjoyed doing as a kid that you would like to do again?
  6. How much time can you spend on your new hobby?
  7. How much money can you give to your new hobby?
  8. Where are your time gaps now and how are you currently filling them?
  9. Is there anyone you would want to invite into your new hobby?
  10.  What’s your first step to getting started?

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