New Beginnings: The Small Business Do Over

Oct 9, 2014, Written by Sue Miley

NEW Beginnings

The sermon at church this past Sunday was on Noah and the Ark.  Our pastor explained how God’s people had totally let Him down.  So much so that He wished He hadn’t created us.  Can you imagine?

I can. I wonder if He sometimes feels that way again when I look at the world and see how much hate, crime and war that is present.  Much less how we act as individuals choosing sin over Him time and time again.

But the good news that our pastor focused on was the fact that God is a God of new beginnings.  He started with Noah and his crew and cargo and made promises to build anew!

He did it again when He freed the slaves from Egypt, promising them Canaan.

The Bible is a continuous story of redemption and new beginnings. Of course, the sermon soon came around to the ultimate new beginning we have through salvation and being born again, cleansed of our sin and made new. Completely new.

I became a Christian as an adult and so I was fully aware of my new beginning. I also was fully aware of trying to do things my way and in my own strength. Trust me, and trust Him, His way is much, much better.

What Does New Beginnings Have to Do With Our Business?

As small business owners, we also started fresh and new with our business.  You may be starting anew now with a God vision that He has given to you.  Everything is exciting, even the hard stuff.

The key to remember is that God is with you.  If we focus on Him and put Him first in our business, we will not have to do it alone.  He wants to be with you and He wants to help you.  Even in your business.  He cares about that too!

The really good news is that He also cares about those of us who have been in business awhile.  Maybe we didn’t put Him first.  Maybe we tried to do it in our own strength.  Maybe we have made a mess of things.

The good news though is Jesus.  He died for our messes.  He wants to help us start anew even after we mess things up.  He is a God of new beginnings.

How can you give your business over to God for that fresh start?

Here are a few ideas that I have:

1.     First things first – focus on your relationship with Jesus.  The best way I know how to align myself with His will is to be in relationship with Him.  In general, focus on prayer, Scripture reading, and connection with Christ as the Lord of your whole life.
2.     Pray about your business.  Commit your business to Jesus’ will and ask Him to help you with it.  Ask Him to show you His vision for your business.
3.     Put your Christian values as the foundation for your business.  Whether God has given you the full vision He has for your business, or not, you can start immediately with creating a set of core values for your business that will help you begin doing business God’s way.
4.     Work on capturing your vision, strategies and culture on paper. Sometimes God wants us to step out and do our part.  As you work with your team or a coach on what your vision should be, lift up the process to God.  Pray for Him to be in your planning and brainstorming. I think you will know it when your vision is a God vision. Read more about God visions here.
5.     Communicate your vision, strategies and culture in many different ways to your team, vendors, and customers.  The more everyone knows where you are headed and the manner in which you plan to get there, the more harmony, unity of effort and momentum you will find.


It’s a start… and in your case it may be a starting over… a new beginning for you and your company to become a business led by Christ to glorify Him and make Him proud that He created us.

It is Never Too Late to Turn to God

It is never too late to turn to God.  He is there waiting for you to do just that.  And nothing is too hard or complicated for our God.  We just have to trust Him and step out in faith and obedience to His plans for us.

Where are you in your business today?  Are you just starting out?  Are you already started but wish you could have a do-over or a new beginning?

Trust the God of New Beginnings!

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  1. Les Dahlstedt says

    I was an avid bowler several decades ago. I found that if I focused my eyes on the pins, my body would automatically adjust and the ball would strike the pins at the place my eyes were focused upon. If I focused on the alley instead, the ball would rarely end up where it needed to be. In business (as in life) , our goal is to glorify God. We use His gifts (skills, talents and wisdom) to help us reach the goal. By keeping our focus on the goal (Him) instead of the interim steps that get us to the goal, we allow God to do in us what we cannot do for ourselves.

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Sue Miley

Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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