How to Pray for Your Business

Mar 10, 2015, Written by Sue Miley

Prayer List BlogI love to go back through journals and see things I prayed for in the past and reflect upon how God has responded.  I write these prayers down and then I have this habit of weekly looking back and putting a symbol regarding the status.  If things are going well, I might put a plus sign or a smiley face.  No change earns an = sign.  And you know when things are actually moving in the wrong direction, poor God usually gets another journal entry on the topic.

I think prayer is just as important in our business as any other part of our life.  As a matter of fact, in my ebook and work book, The Christian Business Edge, I recommend that small business owners develop a Top 10 Business Prayer Request list (see bottom of post).

This is a list of prayer requests that you, your team, and even outside supporters can be praying for.

What To Include In Your Prayer List

It is human nature to pray for an immediate need or problem.  I am suggesting here that you develop a list of prayers that will lead you in the direction of God’s vision for your business.  It can include things like:

  • breaking into a new niche or industry with your business.
  • building a culture in your organization that reflects your values.
  • praying for certain milestones or business goals to be achieved for the year.
  • finding talent that is required for your business to do excellent work.
  • praying that you can be a Godly leader for your team and customers.
  • peace in times of stress or economic adversity.
  • growth
  • work that will make a difference in God’s Kingdom.
  • that the Lord will be with you in your business and that the Holy Spirit will guide you.
  • and yes, we can also pray for resolution to problems!

Thanking God In Advance

I learned a valuable lesson from a 6 year old once who prayed thanks to God in advance for selling their home.  It was the innocence and trust of a child that helped me realize that God answers our prayers and we can thank Him in advance because there is nothing too big for our God.

A sincere thanks, though, means we are okay with the outcome whether it matches our exact request or not.  I constantly remind myself that I need to pray for His Will and also remind myself that His will is the best thing even if it isn’t what I want.

Timing Is Always Perfect If We Have a God Perspective

If you are an adult with your own business then you already know that our timing and God’s timing do not always line up.  But our job is to be faithful with our prayers.  We need to keep our list in front of us and pray consistently.  If God is silent, then we have to trust His timing includes what is best for us.

I started praying for my business to grow when I first started it.  However, it wasn’t for about four years, when my kids were out and about with their own activities that God started sending an abundance of people.  Before then He knew I would probably get out of balance again.  I started my own business so I could spend more time with my kids.

When they started driving, my business just started growing.  It wasn’t really anything I was doing substantially different; it was just the right timing.

Include Other Prayer Warriors

Asking others to pray with you and for your business is a very reasonable request that most fellow Christians are very open to.  I know we don’t like to burden others, but asking others to pray is not a burden.  It is something they can do that will have a significant impact on you and your business and it honors God at the same time.

A Little Help From Crossroads

Here is a simple Top 10 Business Prayer Requests worksheet for you to get started with.  Simply click the link below to download. Also, please feel free to list one or two of your prayer requests in the comments and we would be honored to pray on your behalf.

[file_download style=”3″][download title=”” Icon=”style1-Ai-64×64.png” file=”” package=”” level=”” new_window=””][/download][/file_download]

Reader Interactions


  1. Celeste says

    Thank you Sue, I’m going to use your list!!! God gave me a priority list about 6 yrs ago and when I follow His to-do list everything is much easier. I’m happy Debbie Luxton introduced me to your newsletter. God Bless You ūüôā

      • Debbie says

        Hi Sue! Hey Celeste – I’m glad you began following Sue. She shares great stuff!

        My prayer request is that He would give me clarity and direction and for me to follow as He leads. I am very unclear about some things and want more than anything to ensure I hear and follow. I do get that when He is silent, He isn’t suggesting I step in and do what I think is best :o) I am trying hard not to do that!

        I too plan to use your list. Thanks, Sue

        • Sue Miley says

          Hey Debbie, Thanks for referring us to your friends! We will start praying….I have that same issue when I don’t hear anything. I will add prayer for patience for both of us! Blessings, Sue

          • Debbie says

            Your welcome Sue. I just feel like I have followed, but I don’t see the results and so I’m questioning. Obviously, the results He has planned may not be in alignment with what I’m thinking He means. It’s a tough time for multiple reasons right now so, I’m in a bit of a rough place.

  2. nyarie says

    Good day . I would like you to help me pray for God to make my clients pay in time and bring big clients who can afford my accounting services.

    • Sue Miley says

      Hi Nyarie, I will definitely pray for these two things. It is difficult for small businesses to carry receivables. I will pray for His intervention! Blessings.

  3. Tresaca says

    I enjoyed this article!
    It has inspired me to keep a prayer journal for my business.

    My prayer request is for a coaching practice full of families with struggling teens in need of my services so I can help them turn their lives around and thrive together.


  4. Pam Blackman says

    Thanks Sue –

    Can you stand with me in prayer that God send me wise counsel & clarity of direction?

    I also love the list of examples you provided. It helps so much when there is something to spark things.

    God Bless..

    • Sue Miley says

      Hi Pam, I will definitely pray for wisdom and clarity. If you are seeking this for you business you may check out our Clarity Kit. It isn’t a replacement for prayer…but possibly an added resource!

  5. Charmaine Smith says

    I love this post and the prayer list is an invaluable tool for business owners.

    Please pray for my business growth and success with all of my projects.

    Thank you.

  6. Courtney says

    Wonderful post and very important message! While I loved your list, I have added that I would not be a hindrance to my clients and for the words to He wants to me write for my kindle book.

    • Sue Miley says

      Hi Courtney, We will join you in prayer regarding your clients and content for you kindle book! Thanks for referring to our post on your blog!! We really appreciate it!

  7. Sue Miley says

    Hi Andi, We have been praying. I realized I did not respond though. I wanted you to know we have been praying overall and our team is individually praying for people who share their prayer requests. Thank you for trusting us with it! Goals really help to keep a blog focused. And believe me, I know it takes discipline! Blessings, Sue

  8. Brianna says

    Sue, thank you for this post. I ask that you pray for the growth of a nonprofit organization I am in the process of starting. Although I have raised a little money, there is still a long way to go. I ask that you pray that God continues to deliver me a patient spirit, as well as self encouragement, because sometimes support is really hard to come by. Thank you!

  9. Enda says

    Hi Sue,

    I’ll be grateful if you could pray for us, an African travel technology start-up currently developing an accounting solution for travel agencies in and beyond Africa, with limited funding:

    – pray that our business should firmly rely on the kingdom values
    – we’ve striving for almost 2 years now and are close to launching, pray for God support on our technical challenges so that we release successfully early July
    – pray for God’s provision as we have no funding for the next 3 months, we need 5000USD / month

    With thanks and love,


  10. Kim Clatterbuck says

    Thank you for the guidance you are providing me as a family business owner. Our company of 40 employees is struggling financially and we ask in Jesus’s name for you to pray that we receive the provisions we need to keep this company going. We have wonderful employees and their livelihood is so important to us.Thank you for sharing the word and God Bless you.

  11. robert says

    Hi Sue;
    Recently we went thru a terrible embezzlement in addition to many of our clients no longer ordering from us. I do thank God in advance for our company meeting its financial obligations and moving us forward once again.
    I see that you have a special interest in business and I appreciate any prayer you can send our way.
    God Bless ;

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