How To Tell If Your Business Vision Is A God Vision

Jul 20, 2010, Written by Sue Miley

Our purpose in this world is to serve God.  He gave us all different gifts and talents and I believe in my heart it is our responsibility to use these gifts and talents to serve Him.  The difficulty in this is remembering 24/7 that we are here to serve.  In us fights a desperate need for accomplishment and personal purpose.  This need is so strong that sometimes it blinds us to the fact that we already have a purpose.  I think we can manifest this need for purpose on two different paths.  In the world’s vocabulary we would call both paths our vision.  Christian business owners usually have a business vision.  The difference in the two paths is that one is a vision God has given us and the other is a vision we have created ourselves.

How do we know the difference?

I think on paper both visions can look the same.  I believe that God can use a Christian business coaching practice.  I also believe that I can desire to use my gifts in the practice of Christian business coaching.

A vision on paper is a picture, possibly an end result.

A God vision is alive and developing as we live it.

On the outside they can look the same, but in practice they become very different.  God’s vision will always somehow further His cause which is to glorify Himself.

I decided to become a Christian business coach and counselor when I finished my second graduate degree.  As I execute my vision for creating a Christian coaching business the two paths lay in front of me each day.  I know it is God’s vision when:

An idea or passion comes to you that won’t go away and that you feel drawn to…it’s personal…you feel called to it…not that it is just something that needs to be done.  It is something that YOU need to do.

I feel connected to God and seek Him for advice and guidance each step in executing the vision rather than check my faith at the door and segregate my business life from my God walk.

Doors open and opportunities present themselves rather than a person fighting to make it all happen in their own strength.

My gifts are used in ways I never trained for or contemplated…

Circumstances defy your training and logic; I can see God’s hand at work

He makes himself known to me in the execution of the day to day

He brings me clients that I would not have chosen or targeted and my work is just what they needed.  And I soon feel Christian love for people that I wouldn’t have encountered on my own.

I have patience in situations I normally wouldn’t because I see God’s plan in it all.

Obviously this is a general list for me and I am sure that there are as many variations, as there are visions, in seeing God’s path versus the world’s path. How do you know your vision is a vision from God?  Please share your experience with us!

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  1. Kim DeBarge says

    Love your blog post. Always inspiring, motivating and uplifting. Thank you for not being afraid of speaking the truth.

  2. Kim Norwood says

    The part about not struggling to make it happen on your own is so true! I have just recently been granted such peace by finally letting go of my job situation. Sometimes that is very difficult to do!

    • S_Miley says

      Yes Alyssa – Visioneering is one of my all time favorites on this topic. I was just tweeting about it yesterday!

  3. Brad Harmon says

    I think you know it is a vision from God when it is not something you would have chosen or wanted but you’re still drawn to it deep in your being. This has been one of my biggest struggles in life. God would begin unveiling His vision for me, and I would quickly grab the reigns and adapt it to what I wanted to do. Opening my CPA firm was a great example. It was close to God’s vision, but I stepped in and changed it.

    The other way you can tell is that it’s persistent in drawing you to it. Despite my efforts to usurp control of the vision from God, He keeps leading me back to His vision.

  4. Kissie says

    My three adult children are launching their newest joint venture next month and although it’s in the works, this was a perfect piece to share with them.


  5. Nancy says

    Can’t sleep and can’t think of anything else. You get thoughts and images all day long. They don’t stop until you do or create them. I created some of the images. They turned into the most amazing personal project. The story of how I met my patent attorney who helped me protect them is so amazing. I had no money and couldn’t take this project to it’s next step without the patent. I have finally learned it is not my program but Gods. I am only the servant to present it to the world for him. The program has now started to get national recognition. The critics have started to try to stop it and tear it apart, but I have received my next steps to bypass them all and go straight into the new world of online learning. I have handed the new initiative over to the Lord because it is all too big for me. I have learned to just wake up and ask God what I can do for him today. It seems so weird that my passion could be a vehicle for the Lord to create something in the future he wants. This is just about a sport that has a great need for mindset change. I can see how Gods project will bring communities of people coming together to play, love, learn and grow through his works now though. When this project is done, Gods grace will take a sport that was once believed difficult and turn it into child’s play.

  6. Rob says

    Hey there, I really like what you’ve written. God gave me a vision and I had a personal conversation with Jesus thru the power of the Holy Spirit for a business or ministry and it is to do with the last commandment Jesus gave theApostles before he went back to our Father in heaven (ref end of gospels) all happened beginning of 2014, it is now 25/03/2016. I have found, and you are so right don’t do things in your own strength or jump ahead of his instructions, ( I just got so excited ) but to wait on the Lord and be patient and he will deliver. When we receive a business from God what ever he says will not return to him void but will prosper Amen! It’s been over 2yrs waiting for my wife and I, Holy Spirit spoke to my wife just recently and said our break through is near Amen! Praise Jesus!! We’ve just had some awesome news, God is good!!!. All that I’m saying is be patient and WAIT don’t jump ahead of God, if the business is from God, Holy Spirit will instruct. The experience anyone has with God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) will be personal and Holy Spirit will instruct.

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Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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