3 Reasons Why You Should Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

Jul 31, 2023, Written by Marie Massonneau

Reels are among the most innovative features released by Instagram since Stories. Every day over 200 million active users visit at least one business profile. In addition, over 85% of the platform’s users follow at least one professional profile. Numbers like these prove only one thing: Instagram has a large audience. It’s, therefore, vital for companies to use it to support their marketing strategy.

Instagram Reels can be an effective way to expose your business to a suitable audience. Additionally, the feature can help you increase your following and engagement rates.

Instagram Reels has more than 2 billion active users

There are currently over 2.35 billion monthly active Instagram users, with a projected increase to 2.5 billion by the end of 2023. On average, Instagram users spend a minimum of 30 minutes each day on the app.

While young people have historically used this platform primarily, 42% of daily visitors are now between 25 years old and 49 years old. Depending on your target audience, this is a crucial component of any Instagram strategy for your company.

Lastly, Instagram does not discriminate based on gender; the proportion of female and male users is roughly proportional.

Therefore, Instagram is the ideal platform for reaching this audience.

Instagram Reels have a high engagement rate

Instagram is ranked first in terms of social media, with the best engagement rates. Interactions on Instagram are also four times higher than on Facebook.

The first reason for this high peak in engagement is the ease with which users can like, comment on, or share ads. Instagram generates over 4 billion likes daily. The second reason for this high rate of engagement or interaction is the presence of 100% visual content. The reel engagement rate on Instagram is 2.7%, more than double the engagement for a static image.

Just by taking into account the interactions and engagement observed on Instagram, it’s easy to conclude that Instagram can be an authentic source of potential customers

Reels increase your account’s visibility

When you publish a reel video, it appears not only on your profile, but also on your subscribers’ news feeds. For public accounts, these videos can also be found in the “Explore” tab. The creation of reels offers brands the opportunity to quickly make themselves known. Reels are great tools for showing off your brand’s personality while creating a positive image with other Instagram users. This way, they can discover more about your brand and follow your account.

The greatest benefit of Reels is their vast organic reach. The videos can reach two to three times more people than the original audience. Therefore, it is an excellent method for promoting businesses. In addition, Reels provide visibility that is much more durable. A classic post has a lifespan of 48 hours, while a story has a maximum lifespan of 24 hours. However, the lifespan of the platform’s video format is measured in weeks.

Regardless of your industry, Instagram Reels will not only be a fun way to share videos but also an efficient way to promote your services, increase sales, and elevate your Instagram content.

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