How Your Business Can Bring Justice to the World

Jun 22, 2017, Written by Ashton Harris

As believers, we all have kingdom assignments. Some of us have more obvious kingdom assignments- vocations like pastors, bible teachers, and worship leaders. Some of us have assignments that are equally vital to the church that are outside of the vocation of a minister. No matter what career we have, we’re called to bring justice to the world through the work that we do.

Whatever God made you to do, and whatever He has put in your hands has a divine purpose. God wants you to lead a business and He wants you to lead it well, for His namesake. It is in His interest for your business to thrive, because when your business grows, the kingdom of God grows. 

Ephesians 3:20 “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us…”

God lives in an infinite realm and His plans for our life are always beyond our thinking. I don’t know about you, but I want to get on THAT level and think and dream like Him. While the world gives us a mindset of scarcity, that there’s a limited supply of goodness and blessing, God wants to rewire our thinking and give us a mindset of abundance.

God Wants Your Business to Grow 

God wants your business to grow because he’s a God of increase and He wants to grow you as you grow your business. He wants to build your faith and your character in the process. The truth is, the business God has placed in your life is bigger than you.

Your business can move forward the kingdom of God in your city when you see from His perspective. Your ability to employ people that provide for families and to be a positive influence in the community are just two of many ways that you can make an impact in your city. But what I want to focus on is your ability to give of your resources so that the kingdom of God can be advanced around the world. 

Because the reason that God wants to abundantly bless us is not so that we can live better and upgrade our standard of living. It’s not so that we can go on vacation more, or “arrive” to whatever social or financial status we think we deserve.

God wants to grow your business so that you can play a part in growing His church. It’s that simple.

How Your Business Can Bring Justice to the World

The local church is the hope of the world. It’s how God plans to bring justice to a fallen world until He returns to restore it. He has no backup plan. We’re it. God longs to heal and restore the broken and the hurting all across the world, but it takes real money to reach real people.

That’s where your business comes into play. As a Christian business owner, you have the ability to help fund good works all over the planet. God asks that you steward what He’s placed in your hand, and when you are faithful to give selflessly, He will place even more in your hand.

The Reward of Giving

My brother-in-law owns a chemical company, fuel company, and trucking company that moves Ag products around the southeast. He has experienced the reward of giving and the abundant life that God offers us in his business.

The Lord spoke to Jason as a college student when he was waiting tables to pay for school:

During my freshman year of college the Holy Spirit said to me, “Jason you have always given the minimum I ask of you. The tithe is the minimum.” So I asked the lord, “So what is it you want me to do Lord?” I felt impressed that He said to me, “I want you to pay double tithes. Whatever you pay in tithes each week, I want you to match that amount and give to missions.”  So I said “Yes sir.” That was in November of 1996. I have paid double tithes ever since that day. I have seen the Lord bring me to territories I never dreamed possible. I am not really that smart, the only reason for any amount of success I have been given is directly 100% due to giving to missions!  Proving yourself faithful in small things truly proves yourself trustworthy to the Lord. He enlarges your territory so that the kingdom of God can be enlarged. Not to sit on the blessing or harbor it for yourself- but that others would be blessed and come to know Christ through your seed.

His family of 5 just returned from Thailand, where they visited a local church, an orphanage, and a project they have invested thousands of dollars in called Dream Central. This organization provides housing for young people that age out of their orphanage, where many are forced to live on the streets of Bangkok and often end up in horrific realities like human trafficking. Dream Central provides housing, mentoring, and a church community where young men and women can receive an education and hope for a better future.

Jason is using his business to bring justice to this part of the world. What could your business do for God’s kingdom?

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Ashton Harris

Ashton graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in English Education. She began working at Crossroads on the Marketing Team in May 2017.

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