Keep the Creativity Flowing: A List of Resources

Mar 8, 2010, Written by Sue Miley

In my post yesterday I talked about how important creativity is to business success.  Even as owners we need sources to keep our creativity flowing.  The idea scenario would be to surround ourselves with innovative, energetic, creative people that we can share, collaborate and brainstorm.  In the absence or availability of this personal interaction here are some sources I have found to inspire my imagination:

The Accidental Creative – I have been following Todd Henry, the creator, since he had only just launched his podcast and his website was still in development.  The Accidental Creative has really expanded in the past couple of years.  In their words this is what they do:

If you want to thrive in the create-on-demand world, you need to have great ideas and have them at the right time.  We help you eliminate whatever stands between you and your next brilliant idea.  We do al of this by equipping you (and your team) with the mindset, tools and relationships you need to thrive.

I really enjoy their podcasts because they are only about 15 minutes long and they are full of practical tips to inspire creativity when you need it!

The Brazen Careerist – is a career social network.  It is supposed to be for Gen Y professionals which is really young.  A couple of decades behind me, however, I have found that there are older people on it, but more importantly some very creative people.  They have networks by topic and focus on careers, entrepreneurship, and business.

Levenger – tools for serious readers is their tagline, but I think it is tools for readers, writers, business people and students.  I don’t know about you but if I have a really cool notebook, an artistic pen, or a new organizational gadget, I am 10x more creative than without it!  Kind of pricey but cheaper than many other addictions.

Assorted Blogs – I find that some blogs provide information and have practical value, but the ones I go back to regularly are those that have a creative flair.  It may be their ideas inspire creativity, their writing style, or the subject matter.  Here are a list of my favorites:

Seth Godin – about business ideas – his philosophy, perspective, etc.

Penelope Trunk – about career and business through a life lived out loud.

Copyblogger – about blogging, business relationship, making a difference.

Chris Brogan – kind of like Seth Godin’s blog – about business ideas from Chris’ perspective.  He throws in a view from life too – like Penelope Trunk.

Mashable – so much content you can’t help but find things that interest and inspire.

This is all for now.  I know it is hard to check out to many resources all at once, so I will send more later.  What are your favorite tools for creativity?  What and/or who inspires you?  Let’s begin collaborating by adding to this list!

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  1. Shawn Nikah says

    Hi Sue! Great resources! Internal inspiration can be a spring of creativity as well. One great way to spark those internal creative juices is with a little exercise. I sent you guys an email inquiring about the possibility of guest posting. Let me know what you think!

    Thanks again for your content,


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