Sales: We All Have To Do It

Without Follow Through You Wasted Your Time

By Sue Miley / March 5, 2010 / 1 Comment

It is Friday afternoon and I am pretty much finished with work for the week.  It is a beautiful day and relaxing in the sun, I am thinking back about what an accomplished business week it has been for me personally and for several of my clients.  I have one client, and hopefully she will […]

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Provide Value Equal to Chris Brogan's Daily Rate

By Sue Miley / March 3, 2010 / 2 Comments

I am not sure if this is an appropriate thing to blog about but since it was such a shock and it has absolute business implication I decided it was a great thing to blog about.  Chris Brogan’s most recent blog post states that he charges $22,000.00 for a full day of his time.  Now […]

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What I Learned from My Whole Foods Experience

By Sue Miley / February 26, 2010 / 2 Comments

My daughters and I went to Whole Foods to get dinner last week when they were off for the Mardi Gras holidays.  We were ordering from one of the lines that served hot meals and made sandwiches.  There was a nice older lady ready to help us.  She must have started this job about 5 […]

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A Simple Lesson About Growing Sales

By Sue Miley / February 24, 2010 / 2 Comments

It is really amazing to me how people, like me, complicate things that are so simple.  If you are a small business person like me, which you probably are if you are reading this, then one of your primary goals is to get more business.  Basically, you want more revenue.  That could mean getting new […]

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