Professional Photography Benefits Your Small Business

Oct 4, 2021, Written by Madelyn Curtis

small business photography

People like honest, relatable content. We live in a day and age where content is always circulating and a fresh perspective is a highly sought-after commodity. Using stock images for your business is no longer cutting it if you want to keep your audience engaged and watch your business grow. 

Professional photography allows your business to stay true to its brand-image. As an entrepreneur, the content that you use in ads, print, and on social media platforms are the first impressions your audience is receiving of your brand. If you are presenting low quality, amateurish photos, it directly represents your business. Presenting clear, professional imagery builds the credibility of your business. 

We get it, professional photography is not cheap and at the start of a business other expenses trump imagery. So, to stay true to your brand-image in the meantime, here are some tips to take quality pictures so you don’t have to resort to stock imagery to reflect your unique brand.  

Use the camera you already have – for most of us, that’s our phone. 

Phones today have great cameras and most have a wide variety of settings. Explore your options, test the settings and maximize the resources you have at hand. If you have an actual camera, do the same thing and explore the settings by taking a couple test shots. 

Pay attention to lighting. 

For your photos to look professional there has to be enough light. Ideally it should be soft, diffused light. For example, natural light coming through the window. If you work in a setting with bad lighting, change location or look into lighting kits and soft-boxes. If you’re shooting outdoor photography, try taking the photos at golden hour in the morning or evening. 

Create a composition and frame.

This is another basic element of good photography. Don’t cut off the important parts of your subject. Keep everything in frame and make an effort to make sure the image is straight. White space/open space is your friend. If there is too much happening in an image, the main subject can be overshadowed. If the photo doesn’t look good on your first try, keep experimenting until you get it right. Don’t be afraid to move around and try different angles, laying on the ground just may get you the perfect shot. 

Lastly, edit your images. 

There are tons of different apps and photo editing software. Experiment, test, step back and try something else. Spend time making sure your images are clear and concise.  Be careful not to over edit them, less is more. 

Professional photography can benefit your business even more ways than the ones mentioned in this article. Use unique, honest images and you will see a more engaged and attracted audience that grows your business.

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Madelyn Curtis

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