Sometimes Growth Seems Impossible

Jun 5, 2014, Written by Sue Miley

Admit it.  You want your business to grow.  It is part of the small business owner DNA.  We may be nervous about growth or feel stretched too thin.  But isn’t that how we got stretched to begin with.  We want to have a successful business.

It’s true, there are many components to a successful business. In God’s Kingdom they are not all measured in dollars and profits. But, we still strive to make tangible progress that makes us feel accomplished.

We want to grow. But, what we really want is to grow without so many growing pains.

Sometimes it feels like no growth and all growing pains, like:

  • Needing help but not being able to find good employees.
  • Being faced with many decisions but not having the reports and data to make wise decisions.
  • Wanting to do quality God honoring work, but not having the procedures in place for consistency and excellence.

Sometimes it seems nearly impossible. There’s so much to do. Where do you start? How can you break through the cycle of no time to grow, but needing to grow to make more time to focus on your business?

Wouldn’t it be a huge relief and a blessing if you had a reliable, step-by-step system – a proven path for growth?  What you need is a way to find the low lying fruit.  You need those opportunities for improvement that can be made immediately and have the biggest impact for the least effort. And, you need a way to believe that what seems impossible, is possible.

As long as you’re praying for what seems like a miracle, it would also be really nice if this path was specific to where you are in your business…not some generic path that is the same for everyone, right?

Well, what if those prayers were answered?

We’ve spent the last 10 years praying for help in giving our clients these very tools and systems. Our prayer, and our work, has been to help Christians in business find their a purposeful PATH to business success.  Now, we think we finally have taken the lessons we’ve learned, and the experiences that worked well in the past, and turned it into a tool called the Crossroads Clarity Kit. We are happy to give it to you for free.  As a part of this Crossroads Clarity Kit we created the Crossroads Growth Opportunity Assessment.  This assessment was designed to help you get clear on what to do next to grow in your business.

Our Growth Opportunity Assessment helps you pinpoint exactly where you are stuck and where to start working on your path to growth.

Take the assessment for free right now and it will point you in the right direction based on how you score in each of these key success areas:

Clarify Your Vision

Skipping the simple steps here causes most of your problems down the road – problems that can be avoided.

Define a Distinct Point of Difference

There’s a significant chasm between what makes you great and what your future customers actually care about and will pay for. Bridge this gap, or stay stuck.

Create Good Systems that Support Growth

Work doesn’t have to be so hard. You don’t have to be a workaholic to succeed. In this section, you’ll learn to create streamlined systems for everything from finances and operations, to marketing and sales.

  • Assemble a Dream Team
  • Automate and Streamline to Prepare for Growth
  • Create Marketing That Hits the Target
  • Empower Sales to Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Online Growth Opportunity Assessment

To make it even easier for you, we have automated our assessment.  You can go directly online and fill out the Growth Opportunity Assessment here.  Once you have filled out the assessment, you will have immediate access to the results.

In the DIY style of many business owners, you can print your results and get started immediately working on your most important steps for growth by using our 5-step Guide & Worksheets.  This guide and these worksheets provide direction to begin working on the steps that the assessment deems most important to get your business unstuck and growing.

30-Day Bonus

If you sign-up for the Crossroads Clarity Kit and email us at claritykit (at) crossroadcoach (dot) com and request a FREE assessment review, we will gladly walk through your completed assessment with you and give you advice on where to start in creating your PATH to Purpose and Clarity for your business.  Just put Assessment Review in the subject line.

This offer is good for anyone who downloads the Crossroads Clarity Kit and emails us before June 30, 2014.

Special Drawing – FREE Coaching Session

In addition to a free assessment review, we will have a drawing to give away a FREE 60 Minute Coaching Session on one of the steps on the Crossroads PATH that you need to work on.

Enter to win:

  1. Download your Crossroads Clarity Kit Now.  (See Side Bar signup)
  2. Make a comment below about your biggest business challenge or goal.
  3. Share this post on any or all of your social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and include the hashtag #claritykit.

You will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE Coaching Session focused on your goal/challenge.

Winners will be announced on July 1, 2014 – we will contact you directly by email to set up your FREE Coaching Session.

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Sue Miley

Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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