The Indirect Payoffs of Blogging

Jun 23, 2011, Written by Sue Miley

I don’t know if you are a blogger or not, but if you are, why do you blog?  Is it because you love to write and it is a new way to enjoy this passion and get feedback at the same time.  Is it to help support or promote your business, whatever your business may be?  Or is it to actually make money at blogging itself?

I think people fall into all of these categories.  I know I do.  I am a combination – an eclectic mix.  I do love to write and always had a tiny tinge of regret that I switched majors in college from journalism to business.  I also have the type of business where information and education provide wonderful resources to my clients.

And last but not least, if I sell something from my blog site, trust me I don’t send it back and say, “I am not blogging to make money so I can’t accept this”!

Blogging to Connect

But, as I think about all of the purposes of blogging and the benefits a blogger can receive, I think one aspect is under-valued.

The biggest benefit I think I receive from blogging from a practical business aspect is that it keeps my services in front of past and potential clients.

Almost every time I send out a post I get an email asking a question, making a connection, or asking if I still do X, Y or Z.  My blog maintains a connection between me and way more people than I would be able to keep in touch with on my own.

I work hard to provide quality content.  I hope my site provides insight into my services.  But, in the end, it really pleases me that it helps me stay connected.

Regularly I will tell my husband how excited I am about a blog post or a connection I made.  It is a standing joke that he always says “Do we make any money from that?”

Usually I giggle and say “no”.  But I think that sells blogging short.  It does make money indirectly.  Here are a few comebacks I am preparing from all of this thought, for the next time my husband asks the question “Do we make any money from that?”:

Yes, because:

  1. It has built my brand recognition.
  2. It is a great resource to my clients in running their business so it helps me keep them.
  3. It reminded 2 people this week that I was a business coach.
  4. I met two new contacts that will help me grow my business.
  5. It helps potential clients get to know me and try out some of my ideas to show I can add value.


“you know I love to write and will do it anyway, no matter what the cost/benefit analysis says, so why don’t you just leave me alone!”

What about you?  Does your blog help you in business?  Or is it just a wonderful outlet for your writing passion?

Reader Interactions


  1. L Marie Joseph says

    I blog because it keeps with updated with finance topics. It also helps me connect with people like minded individuals

    • S_Miley says

      L. Marie, I started the same. I liked to write about stuff I was reading and was doing so in handwritten journals. I would want to share the thoughts with others, but then could never find the passages.Then I found blogging and it offered the opportunity to write my thoughts and share them in an organized way. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Loren Paulsson says

    I blog because it allows me to write about things I’m interested in, it forces me to consider things from others’ perspectives, and it provides opportunities to make connections. Since I write and edit for a living, I focus on making it worthwhile for readers, which should build brand recognition. The big challenge I’ve wrestled with has been the tension between defining a brand and worrying about attracting readers.

  3. RevTrev says

    Does blogging help my business? You won’t believe the connections and offers I from blogging…I think having a strong autoresponder system in place helps people connect with me even faster.

  4. Paul Steinbrueck says

    Hi Sue, there are so many amazing benefits to blogging about your business. Your post reminded me of one I wrote last year: 40+ Ways Blogging Leads to Success –

    I blog primarily because I’m passionate about helping people and organizations connect and communicate better online. My company, OurChurch.Com, does that by providing web design, hosting, and SEO services. But for me it’s not enough just to provide tools and services. I want people to know why and how best to use certain tools and services. I also love to make new connections with people I haven’t met, I love to learn from the comments other people make, and so much more!

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Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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