The ROI of Exercising

Feb 26, 2015, Written by Sue Miley

ExerciseBlogWe are one of those families that has always belonged to a health club.  I have been married for 27 years and I am quite sure we have belonged to a health club for at least 25 of those years.  Out of the 25 years, we have probably only used any of the clubs maybe 300 times, which averages about 12 visits a year between 5 family members. At least until my son turned 16.  We got our money’s worth on him!

That is until 2014.

I mentioned in an earlier post this year that Changing My Food Changed My World.

Step 2 for me was to regularly exercise.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may struggle with justifying the time to go work out.  But it is imperative.  As a small business owner, you are pulled in different directions, using mental muscles you have never used before, you have new and varied worries, and all of this affects your health.  Once our health diminishes, all of the pieces of running the business get more difficult. Worse than that, as our physical or mental health is tested, it tends to invade other areas of our life from productivity to relationships.

Eating right is a significant impact to our mental and physical health. Exercise and moving are too.

I did start exercising.  (although an outsider might not have named it that)

I have issues.  I have knee problems, back problems and shoulder problems.  No, I was never in a car accident.  I just have bad parts.  And having never really exercised in my life, these parts have never been rehabilitated.  The great thing about the place I work out is that they have a lot of people like me there.  Everyone from athletes (not me) to old people (me!). The place I workout, for those of you in Baton Rouge, is Trinity Holistic Health on Highland Rd.

The exercise programs for me have focused on building up my core and my strength.  I think my basic beginner program was as basic as you can go and I started at twice a week.  And yes, it has taken 9 months to get to where I can do all of the sets and use weights.  But it is working.

Side story:  Yesterday, I was on my 4th set of some arm exercise with 8 lb. weights and he had to spot me at the end. Yes, I was getting spotted with 8 lb. weights. I guess I deserved the laughter from the teenager a few feet away. But, hey, my trainer was proud because I actually finished 4 sets!

Results of Stretching and Strength Building

If you start with basics of stretching and strength building, you are building health into your body.  For me, these are a few of the results:

  • I haven’t pinched a nerve or pulled something in my neck or back in about 6 months.  That used to be a weekly problem.  I would always have some pain somewhere.  The stretching and creating mobility has really made a difference.
  • I have actually lost weight.  It wasn’t really a goal.  I was just trying to feel better and improve my energy.  I actually gained weight when I first started eating 5-6 times a day.  After I regulated all of the increased eating and did some exercise, I started to lose a little weight each month.
  • My energy is actually magnified if I get my workouts in.  What I mean is that I exhibit energy.  At first I was just NOT crashing a couple of times a day.  Now, my kids joke with me that they liked it better when I would take naps with them in the afternoons because that is what they want to do.

In 2014, I used the gym over 100 times in 9 months. That is way above our annual average by 6-7 times.

The ROI of Exercising

As a business owner, we are quick to look at the ROI of our spending or our time spent.  Many of you see the effects of poor health on your team’s productivity and their lives.  With aging parents, I see the difference of exercise and it is almost a decade return on quality of life.

What I mean is this: my family members who exercise have mobility, activity, and independence for almost ten years longer than those who didn’t.  That is huge.

I actually spend money for a health coach, but I proved for decades that without one I couldn’t sustain a healthy lifestyle.  For me, it is an investment that has an invaluable return.

To keep your business healthy, you have to start with it’s foundation, which is you, the founder.  Start now and regardless of how long it takes and how slow you start, you will see definitive results in time.

I fortunately started before a significant health event created a wake up call.  Many people start after one.  Here is a recent ebook that Michael Hyatt is sharing with people who sign up for his email list.  He shares his story and the impact creating a healthier lifestyle have had on him.  Click here.

Questions: How about you?  How has healthy living habits impacted your life and business?

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  1. Bryan Tackett says

    I joined a club last April 2014. I’m 50 love sports but after 33 I went down hill fast. I find your words encouraging to keep going. I need to lose weight and get fit and healthy. And the weight loss can get discouraging real easy of I let it. So your 8lbs weights story speaks to me little steps at a time. I will keep going to the gym one day at a time and in time I will reach my healthier, lighter self. Thanks Sue.

    • Sue Miley says

      Hey Bryan, You can do it!! It is more about staying in the right direction than hit a specific goal. We just need to keep at it! I’m speaking to myself here to you know!

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