Two (and a half) Strategies for Content Marketing

Aug 22, 2013, Written by Sue Miley

I think we all know what content marketing is at this point….letting people get to know you, your brand, and your value through producing and sharing relevant content regarding the topic of your business, products and services.  At least that is my definition!

However, have you taken time to develop a strategy for your content marketing?  I am sure there are dozens of different strategies, but I want to look at two approaches to content marketing that I believe can each be very effective in their own right.

One philosophy is about perspective.  You have your own unique perspective about any topic.  It could be through your personal stories and experiences or from a specific point of view or a combination.  You basically put your heart into the topic.  These I seek out because of the person’s writing style or personal perspective.  Many times I am inspired, entertained, or comforted.  (An example,    or

The second is a consistent flow of technical information.  Although all content should be written well, this type of content feed needs to be accurate, timely, and relevant.  This usually covers the gamut of “how to” content to product specification, reviews and ratings.  There are definitely sites that I look up just because I know that there will surely be information I need that will also teach me something.  (Again, an example,

Of course, there is always room for an eclectic mix as long as both support your specialization and niche.

I think I fall under the eclectic approach, weighting towards the first approach, more than the second.  Which approach do you follow in your content marketing?

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