The Benefits of Visual Analytics for Your Business

Aug 3, 2021, Written by Rebeca Cortes

Benefits of Visual Analytics

Many small businesses are looking for innovative techniques that will help them make informed business decisions and draw attention to important messages. Business decision-makers can gain insight into complex problems using visual analytics. Without technical expertise, it would be difficult for organizations to communicate important messages and insights. The benefits of visual analytics allow decision-makers to understand the data in a more simplified way so that messages are communicated more effectively.

Using charts and graphs to present data is not new, and the industry has seen a steady evolution of techniques over the years. A benefit of visual analytics today is that the data is displayed more like a dashboard, which makes things easier to read and interpret. In the example below, we have a picture of data that displays answers to some important questions, such as, “How do our sales and profits vary across regions and different time periods?” These tools are effective at answering a finite set of questions and can be static or dynamic in their function of asking additional questions to investigate the answers. It’s crucial to be able to answer the “what” questions in your data. It’s also important to be able to accurately speak about your data and to identify issues or problems.

visual analytics platform and dashboard example
Example dashboard from visual data analytics program, Tableau.

When you make even the smallest change to your data, the dashboard instantly updates to provide you with a better visualization that makes it easier to explore different options in order to find the one that’s perfect for you. Don’t be too concerned with the nitty-gritty of how to build a chart or get stuck in a predetermined template. While exploring, your data holds numerous meanings which develop and present themselves in many forms as you come up with different ways to answer questions, so your research leads to better analysis, not dead ends.

The best benefit of visual analytics is that it can help reveal hidden insights. Take into consideration the possibility of new, surprising discoveries that jump-start your thought process and encourage deeper analysis or exploration. Now with visual analytics, instead of chasing after a trend, your business can leap ahead of it.

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