5 Unusual Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workspace

Feb 15, 2022, Written by Rachel Brackin

ways to improve productivity at work

Whether you are working from home or in an office setting, productivity levels are known to affect job performance. There are many different internal and external factors that influence overall productivity. If you are struggling to stay motivated and productive in your job, then here are 5 ways to improve your productivity at work!

1. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast and Lunch

As much as we all love that bacon double cheeseburger, studies show that it is extremely beneficial to eat healthier meals throughout the workday to increase performance and productivity. This is because what you choose to eat turns into fuel for your body.

So, if you are providing your body with nutritional fuel sources it helps to improve productivity by raising your energy levels, increasing concentration, and improving your mood.

2. Take Multiple Small Breaks Throughout the Day

Did you know that if you are working all day without taking any breaks it can diminish your productivity levels? Through recent research, it has been proven that multiple small breaks throughout the day help to improve your concentration and productivity.

Take a 10-minute walk around your office complex or do some light stretching. Have a popsicle on a hot summer day. Go get a quick carwash or buy that Starbuck’s iced coffee you have been thinking about.

Taking these short breaks not only helps you to re-center yourself around your work, but it also acts as a small reward for all the work that you have already accomplished throughout your day.

3. Create an Environment for Success

Your environment has a major impact on your productivity and performance, whether you are working in an office or working from your home. It is important that you set yourself up for success by setting up your workspace in a way that creates a motivating and distraction-free environment.

When you like the environment you work in, it results in lower levels of stress and higher levels of motivation and concentration which, in return, leads to heightened productivity. The first step to creating an environment to success is to clean out and organize not only your physical space, but also your desktop or laptop files.

After you organize, it’s then time to decorate. Use items that spark joy, comfort and motivation. Buy a new chair for your desk and hang up photos and art. Bring some life into your office space with a plant or two. Lamps, candles, and essential oil diffusers are also great items to make your workspace cozy and inviting.

4. Drink More Water

A tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme, just stay hydrated please! I’m sure you have heard it your entire life, but it really is so important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Did you know that only about 22% of Americans are meeting their daily recommended intake of water?

Proper hydration is so important in not only the workplace but everyday life. This is because whenever your body is hydrated is results in improved brain function and physical performance.

5. Listen to Productivity Playlists

The last recommendation to increase productivity is to listen to playlists that have been specially curated to improved productivity and focus. Certain types of music have been proven to increase cognitive functions, energy, mood, and so much more!

Don’t worry, if you aren’t a fan of classical music, there are so many different types of playlists that have been created to help you stay on top of your work. Through different platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube, these playlists are so easy to find and access.

So, find that playlist that fits your style, and let’s get to work!

More Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

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