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Jun 21, 2018, Written by Shelby Thomas

A Strong Foundation

Our method for marketing at Crossroads has always begun with a firm understanding of our clients’ businesses.

We start our business coaching by identifying and building a client’s vision, mission, and team. When businesses promote messages based on their foundation, our marketing strategies have a greater impact on consumers.

One of the most important promotional platforms for any brand is their website.

2017: The Year of Websites for Crossroads

Last year, it feels like we created more websites than we could count.

Each website presented unique developmental challenges, such as thoughtful design, lead generation tools, and valuable copywriting. Looking back on these projects, we thought it would be a great idea to share a few of solutions we created.

Whether you are thinking about improving your current website design, creating a new site, or are just looking for ideas to bring in new customers, we can help.

Evans Equipment & Environmental


Right away, when viewing the Evans website, you will notice an automatic video that plays in the background. As a team, we worked with this client tirelessly to edit and optimize video footage that would capture a lead’s attention.

Another feature we included on this site is an Infusionsoft tie-in. The client’s CRM is Infusionsoft, where they store information and communicate with past, present, and future customers.

When someone signs up to receive blog notices, they are automatically tied into a targeted category in the Infusionsoft database. Having this convenient function makes it possible for the sales team to stay organized and efficient.

Henry Insurance Service


Henry Insurance Service provides a variety of different coverage options for their clients and needed a way to host online quote forms on their website. We were able to create and edit these forms that seamlessly communicate with their staff administrator.

We were even able to develop a “screening” form that filters users to the form most relevant to their needs – directly from the home page in the form of a Call-to-Action.

Quebedeaux Engineering Services


Sometimes a website may not need a complex user experience model or tools, but they do need quality time spent on branding and messaging.

When we were developing the copywriting for Quebedeaux Engineering Service’s website, we wanted to highlight the there points of difference that made them stand out among the competition. Head over to the site to see how this was visually represented!

Our Full Portfolio

To see more websites we have designed and developed, please review the list below.

If you are interested in speaking with someone about your website, please contact me directly at [email protected].








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Shelby Thomas

As a Marketing Project Manager, Shelby's goal is to provide value for clients with results-driven solutions in website development, digital advertising, and traditional marketing collateral.

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