What if Holiness, Not Happiness, is God’s Plan for Your Business?

Sep 24, 2015, Written by Sue Miley

It is really hard to remember that we are not just living our own story.  It’s not about us.  We are all part of a much bigger story – God’s story.  It is difficult to wrap our head around the fact that He is the Creator of the Universe and we are all here for the chief purpose of glorifying Him and enjoying Him forever.

Face it…it’s not about you…it’s not about me.

God has His own purposes for each of us.  If you are a Christian in business, it probably isn’t by chance.  It is because God has purposed you there.  I have my own business too, and I know I am in this business because it was part of God’s plan.

What about you?  Did you follow a God-vision for your business?

Business is tough though.  There are days when you may wonder, “Was this really God’s plan, or did I mess up again, take control, and get myself into a tangled web?”

Sales aren’t growing like you anticipated.

Staff members are always complaining and not getting things done.

Overhead is higher every year, whether sales grow or not.

Everyone wants something from you.

We have all been here.  Even if it is a God-vision.

I hope you are catching this.

Even if it is a God-vision, that doesn’t guarantee that everything works out like the perfectly rolled-out red carpet of success.  God never promises us this.  He does promise us:

He is in control.

He is there to walk beside us, or even carry us.

We have opportunities to glorify Him, even in our work.

We have opportunities to love people, even in our work.

We can build a successful business on a foundation of our Christian values.

But sometimes we have to remind ourselves what success is.  God’s definition is usually different than the world’s definition.  He will use all things in our life to refine us.  To refine us to His image.

His goal for our success is not our happiness, it is more likely our holiness.  He is working in all areas of our life for us to know Him, love Him, and follow Him.  He is seeking to make us more holy.

It is funny, because with God, all things come to the same eternal conclusion…with God’s quest for our holiness, we too finally find happiness.  Yet our happiness is in Him, not our business.

Be encouraged, if God is for us, who can be against us?

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  1. Jeff Scott says

    Sue….This is a topic that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

    Question: We have an person employed with us who does produces good work. They are pleasant to be around. However….they have very poor multitasking skills and very poor memory. They are an “old School Craftsman” at heart. They need to “do it right”….the old fashioned way.

    The issue is….they are taking 12 steps to accomplish what most of the other staff do in 7….and get the same result as this individual. We’ve spoken many, many times with them, given them memory aids, and spent a lot of time and revenue training and demonstrating the ways ad means to cut out the extra steps.

    We are starting to miss deadlines and other staff are having to work overtime / weekends in order to make good on the delays that come about from this person. It’s starting to cause us financial losses and lose customer confidence.

    In a nutshell…..the person in question was used to being part of a larger team. He was used to being a sort of “Special Projects” guy …Put him over in the corner and let him go at a task or project while the other staff produced the bread and butter. Now….in our shop he is part of a 2 or 3 man work cell and is a key link in producing our Cabinetry. The position requires that an individual be able to multitask at an extremely high level…and as try as we might…I have come to the conclusion that this person simply isn’t wired that way. It’s not a “rebellion” on their part…that they continue to take 12 steps when 7 will do. They simply do not see the work process in any other way.

    So…the argument can be made that I am a Steward of this Business God has allowed me to own….and that it is not about profits and that we should continue to encourage and motivate this individual. But the argument can also be made that this is simply the wrong job for this person….that they would excel in a different environment, as they did before…and that we should let this person go ….for the good of the business, customers and other staff. I’ve already had a key employee quit in frustration due to the effects this person has had on their own work….and several other staff have come to us with their concerns as they cannot get their work done in time while waiting for the parts and materials to come from this individual.

    Some perspective and insight would be appreciated.

  2. Jim Stodd says


    Thanks for writing this very candid and powerful article! It reminds us, that God placed us in business to serve Him and others. As such, we must learn to take our “happiness” from greater “holiness” and being of greater “service” to God and others, all via His plan and His yardstick for success, not ours. Thanks!

  3. Erika says

    Great article. My business is taking back sex for God’s sake…reminding married couples that sex is a beautiful gift from God and must be cherished. It’s bold and not the easiest concept to get across. This article did lighten a few doubts I was having.

  4. Wardell L Parker says

    An exceptional article and argument in favor of God’s sovereignty. You cannot read too much of the bible and not see that! We Christians have one Heavenly Father, and He is talking. Of course, as with any family, not all of His children are listening. But this article and some of the responses prove that some of us are thinking the same thoughts … thoughts lovingly dropped into our spirits from The Holy Spirit. He’s a good God. Thank you for being attentive and sharing with your siblings.

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