What is Your Life Goal For 2022?

Sep 28, 2021, Written by Rebeca Cortes

what is your life goal

As 2021 draws to an end, many of our clients are beginning to prepare for the upcoming year. This season of planning allows them to reflect on the past year and how their businesses have grown and how they have adapted to new challenges. 

Over the weekend, I received the Morning Brew newsletter and the headlining article read, “What is the goal of Life? To accumulate the most money.” This was the original purpose of the board game, The Game of Life, created by Reuben Klamer in 1960. The article further discussed how the game received an update in 2007 because the goal of life for its consumers had changed from wanting to accumulate the most money to other, more admirable actions, such as “saving an endangered species, opening a health-food chain, and recycling.” Now, the game has no specific lifepath for players and they can choose any path they desire.

The last bit of the article posed these questions, “If the popular view of what matters in life changed so much in less than 50 years, who’s to say it won’t shift again in the next 50? How will you win Life in 2057?” 

This made me stop and think about how my goals of life have evolved over the past few years and I began to think about what goals are attainable in 2022. I believe that this is something others are facing as well, business owners especially. 

The start of 2020, you may have had year long goals and plans for your business set. Due to the pandemic, you had to pivot.  This shift did not occur over the course of 50 years – it happened quickly and unexpectedly. While the impact of the pandemic is still being felt around the world today, many business owners have begun adapting their strategies to attain the goals they may have set aside for the past two years. 

During this season of planning for the upcoming year, it is a good time to take inventory on some of the goals you may have had for your life or business prior to COVID-19. Then determine what  goals can be “won” in 2022. For example, one of the goals for business owners might be to improve the overall performance of their business. This goal is achievable by having a good understanding of your financial data and being able to see where changes can be made in operations and in turn improve your overall business performance. 

I enjoy being able to help business owners reach and exceed their goals by giving them the ability to see and understand their financial data. This has always been a lifelong goal of mine, to continuously help others and I am glad that I can be a resource to our clients here at Crossroads. 

So, now I ask you, have you thought about how you will win Life in 2022?

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Rebeca Cortes

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