Work and Faith: When You are Treading Among the Holy

Apr 19, 2018, Written by Ashton Harris


Do you believe God speaks to you?

I do. I believe as long as we’re engaged in what He’s doing in our lives, we can hear him in an endless amount of ways.

For instance, I felt God speak to me when I saw this picture. I didn’t understand it fully when I first saw it, but I knew there was something about it God wanted to show me.

So I hung onto it and waited for it to become more clear.

When I look at this picture, of course the first thing that stands out is the cross. It dominates the entire scene. It’s front and center, and everything around it feels so small. The cars and other buildings look tiny in comparison and the people look like scattered little ants.

As I looked at this image, I started to wonder about all of those tiny ants. Do they know that they’re walking around a gigantic cross? Do they even realize what’s in front of them?

I wondered if anyone had ever told them there was a cross there or if they had ever seen it from a higher perspective.

I bet that most of those tiny ants spend their days doing really important things, working and scurrying about and never knowing that this magnificent cross is planted right there in plain view.

I bet they don’t know they’re on holy ground. I bet they don’t know that something wildly transformative and powerful is just within reach, something that has probably been sitting there for ages.

I bet they don’t even know.

Work, Faith & Holy Things

Most people believe that holy things happen on Sundays. In a church, at an altar, during a sermon.

I believe that’s certainly true and God’s house is most definitely my favorite place on Earth- even more than Disney World.

But holy things happen Monday-Saturday and holy things are among us working folks too.

We tread about the holy every day of our lives, among the people that we interact with. The cross is present in every arena of life if we will take notice of it.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that wish they were in ministry or fear that they missed God’s calling to ministry when they chose their vocation.

And yet when I look at their lives all I see is a big, magnificent cross right there in the middle, almost shouting to be noticed.

Look for the face of God in every person that you meet.

This, I believe, is ministry.

It’s not reserved for those that have a seminary degree or are vocational pastors. It’s a lifestyle that every believer is graced to live.

To love the people God has placed in front of us, to pray for them and to watch the gospel take root in their lives is the wild and crazy fun adventure every believer has the invitation to live, if you dare.

Maybe it’s a classroom of children that make you want to pull your hair out. Maybe it’s a boardroom of executives, a team of creatives, or your own littles that you’re raising. Maybe it’s just a couple of employees and some faithful customers you see every week. They are your calling. Love them, serve them, and lead them well.

Maybe you’re on holy ground and you don’t even realize it.

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  1. Woolker Cherenfant says

    This is the most inspiring message I’ve heard this morning. And I believe God spoke to me this way. Thank you for sharing His words with the rest of the world.


  2. Terry Phong says

    I think we sometimes forget that God’s calling for each of us that belongs to Him is indeed different when it comes to our vocation. It’s true that not everyone is fit to be in ministry but that doesn’t mean He can’t use us to minister to others. It’s a good reminder that we don’t have to be in ministry for God to use us and as long as we’re obedient to the Holy Spirit, God can be glorified through our work. Thank you for the reminder, really enjoyed the article.

    Colossians 3:23-24, Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

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