Your Dreams, Your Calling, Your Career are Uniquely Yours

Oct 15, 2010, Written by Sue Miley

I was talking to a business client today about planting seeds for business.  I hate to sell.  As an entrepreneur that makes for an interesting challenge.

In a separate discussion I spoke to someone thinking about career change and, in his research with other people in the various fields, he keeps hearing what he feels are barriers to success.

Chris Brogan has great things to say about this.  He argues against there being a set single path for your life and/or career.  He wrote,

Don’t ever believe organizations, or those that have bought into them. Always ask yourself why you should follow their path instead of your own. This is how you will become the person you were meant to be, instead of the one your parents, your friends, or the government want from you.

Okay, so back to me, and hating to sell.  I think it is important to “be” you.  I have to “be” me.  However, because of my faith, I no longer believe that “being me” in my business is going to be a barrier.

Seriously, it never occurred to me that as an entrepreneur who hates to sell that I would not be successful.  I just knew that I had to find my own path to find clients.

We Still Need to Stretch Our Comfort Zone

I am not saying that we should just “stay in our comfort zone”.  We need to stretch ourselves and step out in faith trusting that if it is a weakness, God can still work through it.

I just believe their is a difference between stretching myself and being someone I am not.

The points of my ADD post are these:

  1. If we are passionate about something, I think we can lean on our faith, and trust God that together, we can make it work.
  2. Be careful listening to everyone else because they want to put THEIR barriers on your dreams.
  3. As you pursue your passion, work really hard.  Seriously.  Work really hard at making it work by being you.

How I Did It Being Me With a Slight Stretch

I knew I didn’t like to sell.  So what did I do?  I found a place that I was comfortable to build community.  For me, it was my church.  My business is helping people.  So in this community I looked for ways to be helpful.

I led small groups.  I greeted at the door.  I prayed with people.

I was comfortable doing this and these people started referring people to me.

Then I had some conversations with God and thanked Him for bringing me clients without making me go “be” someone I’m not.

Of course, that was a big mistake.  He decided I needed to stretch.  He told me I needed to step out of my safe and sound box.  Okay, how can I stretch, and still be me?

  • I guess I could talk to groups if I was talking about something I was passionate about and that would be helpful to others.
  • I guess I could write and post things I am passionate about, and that may be helpful to others, on a blog.

And so on.

If I had told someone already in a private practice my plan, they would have said it’s a good thing your husband has a good job.

So, back to you.  When I talk to people, and find out that other people (the world) have told them that they can’t do something that they dream of doing, I feel violated for them.  When well meaning people warn you that the majority of people doing X …don’t make any money….have to sell themselves to the devil….work 24/7, it really, really frustrates me.

What Makes You Think They Have To Do It The Same Way?

It is aggravating because in most cases, it dissuades a person from even trying.  Let me just park my dream back up on that shelf.

Or even worse, if they go for it, they follow the path of everyone else instead of trudging their own.  They don’t try to make it work by “being” them.

The Christian Advantage

As a Christian we have an amazing advantage.  His name is God.

Remember that…

…God gives us our passions

…God tells us we are aliens in this world

…God promises to be with us on the journey

…Oh, and, there is more than one way to skin a cat!

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  1. Bradley J. Moore says

    Hey Sue – You are really on fire here with your posts! THis is excellent, with some real thought-provoking ideas. I think everyone who pursues a career at some point collides with the reality of having a job vs. “being me”. It leads to all sorts of angst and crises, some break through and others don’t. I have personally gone through this, and always found myself working towards integrating the most of the “real me” into my jobs and career. I think I have done pretty good at it, but like you say, it takes a lot of work and effort and though and stretching beyond comfort zone and having faith and patience, etc. Everyone will have to make their own journey, and make it work out.

    I like what you say about passion – how it can overcome so many barriers. It’s true, but there are also realities of work and earning money that may cause us to give up, or give in to the barriers. Because they are certainly going to come at you. I think you can be a great role model and example and support for people trying to do the same.

    • S_Miley says

      Hi Bradley, I’ve been away at a conference this week. After a few days re-reading my own post and your comments Bradley I think a wonderful definition of a “calling” is when your passions and gifts are used by God in such a way that your work bears fruit – for others and for you. It’s when it all comes together and we can also feed our families! Thanks for your encouragement and thoughts. I really appreciate whenever you comment because I learn more in the exchange.

    • S_Miley says

      Hey Susan, I saw your comments on David’s post on High Calling Blogs. Totally related to your thoughts. Thanks for visiting!

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Sue Miley MBA, MA, LPC helps small business owners build successful businesses on a foundation of Christian values. After 20 years in business, and 10 years as a Christian counselor, Sue uses a combination of faith, business and psychology to help clients in business and in life.

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