YourAdChoices: Make Display Ads More Meaningful to You

Dec 6, 2018, Written by Danny Myers


Do you sometimes feel like none of the millions of ads you see on the internet are relevant to you or your interests? Or, have you ever run display ads and felt like they never reached relevant consumers?

Well… have you ever noticed the small icon in the corner of many display ads?


Whether you have ever noticed it or not, I’m going to tell you what it is!

This is the “YourAdChoices” icon. This icon can be found many places across the internet and serves a useful purpose that you may not have been aware of.

Where Do You Find the Icon?

You can find the YourAdChoices icon on or near ads on the web, on ads in your mobile browser, and on the pages of many of your favorite content providers. You may also see it when you install apps or ads that are displayed within those apps.

But What is YourAdChoices?

The icon is a tool that lets you know when information about your interests may be collected or used for relevant advertising. It connects you to tools that allow you to control how data is collected and used for ads based on your interests.

What Happens When You Click on the Icon?

When you click on the YourAdChoices icon, you can get information and make choices about your digital ad experience. You can also learn more about the company behind the ad and other companies that offer interest-based advertising.

Here is an example of a page you might see when you click on the icon:


As stated above, Google isn’t the only company that participates in this program, but this page tells you:

  1. Why the ad was shown.
  2. Has a link to change your preferences if you are not interested.
  3. Gives an option to report an ad if you believe it is spam.

Does YourAdChoices Block Ads?

No. YourAdChoices is simply a tool which gives you information and control over the types of ads that use information about your likely interests. If you opt out, then you will still see ads, but they will likely be less relevant.

Who Runs the YourAdChoices Program?

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) runs the YourAdChoices program and is made up of the leading national advertising and marketing trade groups.

Together, this group delivers effective, self-regulatory solutions to online consumer issues.

Companies participating in the YourAdChoices program agree to follow the DAA Principals for transparency and choice for interest-based advertising. Equally important, all companies that engage in practices covered by the program are accountable under the DAA Principals.

The Goal

Overall, the program is aimed at providing a better consumer experience by only displaying ads that you are interested in. This way, you don’t get sick of seeing the same annoying, irrelevant ads that you could care less about.

It also acts as a regulatory system to prevent and eliminate scam ads as quickly as possible with the reporting features. This helps provide a safer, more pleasant consumer experience.

As a bonus, this also helps companies because their ads are displayed for consumers who actually might want their product or service, rather than just anyone on the internet.

So next time you see a display ad, why not click the icon and edit your interests? It could help both you, and the businesses you are interested it!

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